So Much Awesomeness In The New Left Blogosphere, My Head Is Spinning!

Good morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you may be. Some days I wake up and there is so much good stuff in the New Left Blogosphere, I can’t contain myself. This morning was one of those mornings. Check out these great stories by the best of the best.

You absolutely have to go read this post at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, or scroll down if you are already there (cross-posting is fun). It’s called “Confessions of an Obamabot” and was written by Leisa.

You should also look at the Lawrence O’Donnell clip at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, when Lawrence is on, he’s on like Donkey Kong!

Joy at The Reid Report takes on Adam Green and the grifting of his mindless followers, the lies he uses to convince people to give him money are astounding. All liberals need to distance themselves from that con man and spread the word about his opportunism.

Eric Cantor is as dumb as a box of rocks, no offense to boxes of rocks everywhere! The People’s View tears up Eric Cantors latest stupidity. My favorite Eric Cantor blunder, and possibly the biggest blunder of all time in the House, was when he tried to pass a bill that would make another failed bill, the law of the land. DOH!

Smartypants has a great post about one of my heroes who died way too young, Molly Ivins. I had the chance to see her speak in person around the same time as Smartypants, she was amazing. Go read this post that brings back some of Molly’s wisdom from the past.

If you missed the President’s press conference, The Only Adult In The Room has the only adult in the room telling it like it is.

In that press conference, our very effective President reminded us all why he is President and everyone else isn’t. Steve Benen covers it like only he can do.

It’s time to take ACTION people, the forces aligned against President Obama are formidable, and they have a lot of money. I plan to give the maximum amount of $2500 to Obama 2012 this cycle to make sure our country doesn’t fall into Republican hands again, do whatever you can to help, The People’s View has the story.

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