It’s Crazy That People Are Criticizing House Managers Over No Witnesses

It’s not hard to predict exactly what the Republicans wanted to do with a two week extension and a parade of witnesses, including Speaker Pelosi. What benefit would there be to allowing the co-conspirators of Trump to continue to spread lies and prop up their dear leader?

The evidence that was presented by the House Managers couldn’t’ be more clear and anyone that is unable to see that is purposely looking away. The Republicans tried a few times to derail the proceedings with shenanigans, but the House Managers smartly avoided them.

COVID RELIEF is what needs to happen now, not political theater by the insurrection caucus. Does anyone think it would change even one more Republican Senator’s vote?

The “Stupid Years” Have Come To An End

On the night the Trump was elected in 2016, I turned off cable news and most other news sources and decided that I wasn’t going to let Trump dictate my daily life. I refused to be outraged and angry every day, which is what he wanted. “Owning the libs” has become the guiding principle of the Republican Party, along with white nationalism.

I think the GOP should change the name of their party to the “Bootlicker Party”. The last four years have shown us just how authoritarian they are. They can’t seem to win the popular vote in a presidential election so they followed along with Trump as he tried to take it by any means necessary.

So now that the “Stupid Years” are over, I might post my thoughts on here again to spare my friends and family from too many rants. Enjoy this picture of my eagle friend near the university where I work. As usual, my photos are public domain and you can feel free to grad them and use them.