Who The Hell Am I!

I’m a liberal that is extreme in some ways and not in others. I support President Obama and make no apologies for it. I think he has done a phenomenal job, especially when you consider that he inherited a huge mess and has faced unprecedented opposition from a lazy & desperate Republican Party. I’m a film producer/director/editor, adjunct professor, technician, media critic and photographer when I’m not reading left wing blogs and typing on this one.  – On Twitter @ExtremeLiberal or Email at liberalforreal (at) gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Who The Hell Am I!

  1. Hey Jonah,
    When you are elected president of the United States and are the most powerful person on the planet, you come back and talk to me. For a guy who never had a full-time job, which is complete horseshit, he seems to have done pretty well for himself.

  2. I have demanding an apology from MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough, for claiming Liberals prefer the “morality” of killing innocent people with drones to kill terrorist, to the “morality” of torturing a terrorist.

    How dare he. Conservatives could care less about collateral damage. They kidnapped innocent people off streets to torture and still killed innocent people with drone and bombs.

    Liberals on the show sat there and allowed this outrage. I would Liberals to and you to get Joe to apologize. If a Liberal said that the Military was committing murder, there would be non stop news about such a claim.

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