Stephen Colbert – It Gets Better

MUST SEE! No comment needed.

Totally stolen from Angry Black Lady Chronicles with a H/T to HumboldtBlue!


Jane Hamsher Gets Marginalized By Ed Schultz

If you didn’t see this last night on Ed Schultz’s show, good for you, don’t watch that shit. But this clip where Ed Schultz says a line that I don’t think Jane Hamsher appreciated, is worth watching. Ed’s response to her was typical Ed and really didn’t explain anything, but he stuck to his guns. The look on Jane Hamsher’s face is priceless and as I was reading Eclectablog’s piece over at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, it made me think of this clip. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And I don’t agree with what Ed says, I just like seeing Jane get all upset. I’m just like that.

Why It All Matters To Me

My awesome granddaughter stopped by to see her grandpa (and grandma) on Sunday. She was deliriously tired, acting all kinds of silly. I snapped this photo. People wonder why I get passionate about politics and care so much about making progress and advancing this country, well here is your answer. I have several new posts coming, check back later today.

Photo by Extreme Liberal