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Saying Goodbye To A Legend – Chris Squire of YES!

Chris Squire was one of my inspirations as a young musician. This tune showcases his groundbreaking style in the 1970’s. One of the all time best.

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Friday Night Tunes – Rickie Lee Jones “The Last Chance Texaco” Live

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Friday Night Tunes – Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush “Don’t Give Up”

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Morning Music – Getting Funky with S.M.V.

I’m working on a project with the drummer in this video, Derico Watson. He also plays with Victor Wooten’s Band and other jazz greats. One of the best drummers around.

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Morning Music – Dedicated to Glenn Greenwald

She is one of my favorite artists, Rickie Lee Jones. This song – “Ugly Man” – was written about President George W. Bush, but I’m dedicating it to my new friend Glenn Greenwald, who has inspired me to write a lot more about him. Thanks Glenn…

Considering the fact that Glenn Greenwald trusted Bush going into Iraq, it seems appropriate.

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Morning Has Broken At Extreme Liberal’s Blog

A little classic music for a beautiful day.

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In Honor Of Stevie Wonder’s 61st Birthday – Pastime Paradise

I saw Stevie Wonder in concert in Detroit many years ago. A 3 hour concert that was actually recorded for Showtime, they recorded 2 shows and cut it together from the two shows. Enjoy Stevie on this beautiful Friday.

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Musical Interlude – The One And Only Regi Wooten!

These are some promo videos I made for a guitar instructional DVD that I directed and edited, my brother Rod and Regi produced it. Regi is the oldest of the Wooten Brothers. His brother Victor plays bass (he more than just plays it) with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. If you love guitar, you will love this. He is absolutely amazing and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He performs in Nashville regularly and is going on tour in May. Enjoy Reginald Elijah Wooten, “the Teacha”…

This is the official trailer for the instructional DVD.

The next two are just short promos with some amazing playing. The DVD is available to purchase at www.regiwooten.com.

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Musical Interlude – Rickie Lee Jones

I absolutely love Rickie Lee Jones, perhaps my favorite singer…but I hate to pick favorites. I hadn’t seen this before tonight, mmmm, me like. It seems like the only song anyone associates with Rickie Lee is Chuck E’s in Love, she has made a lot of really nice music since then.

This is from David Letterman’s show. One of my favorites, it brings back memories of a time…

Here is one for a lazy Saturday night.

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Martin’s Last Speech – We Miss You Martin

You have to go over to Youtube to watch it, but it is well worth it.

Check out this music video from Common. I’m not a huge rap or hip-hop fan but I like this.

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Saturday Night Tunes – Peter Gabriel

I love this version of the song, Manu Katche’s drumming is amazing.

I saw this tour and “In Your Eyes” brought the house down. It was one of those “peak aesthetic experiences”, pretty cool. (It’s long, 10 minutes)

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Friday Night Tunes – Rickie Lee Jones

Her first big hit “Chuck E.’s In Love”. I like her so much, I even named my dog after her.

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Stephen Biko Writes for Andrew Breitbart? Whaaa?

The story is here, thanks to Steve Benen. Now, let’s cut to the video of Peter Gabriel honoring Stephen Biko who was murdered by the apartheid government of South Africa.

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Friday Night Jam Session

Sorry about the ad that plays…it’s only 15 seconds. One of my favorite Dave Matthews tunes.

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Friday Night Tunes – Peter Gabriel – Sara Bareilles

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