Your Saturday Reading List

The People’s View has a great post up about “The Base” of the Democratic Party and it ain’t that place that is on fire, has a dog and lives on a lake.

The People’s View also has a new post from Tien about the split on the left. It speaks to the disaffected Obama supporters and how to bring them back into the fold. I don’t think it applies to the people trying to inflame that group. I was going to do an entire post about that, so please go read it instead.

Allan at Angry Black Lady Chronicles lays out why Republican game playing with the debt ceiling is the height of hypocrisy, I know, say it ain’t so…Republican’s being hypocritical.

I hope the President goes all 14th amendment on the Republican’s who are trying to destroy our economy for their political gains. Check this out and follow some of the links, I knew the president had a way to protect us from those un-American asshole Republican’s.

The Only Adult In The Room has this take on Mark Halperin’s comment and subsequent suspension from MSNBC and it’s a good one. And it led to the next link below.

Tom Joyner, who I respect a lot because he was awesome enough to do a piece on my documentary last summer, which crashed our website because of traffic, a good problem to have. We had to triple our bandwidth to accommodate. :) A big thanks to Roland Martin as well, it was his segment. Joyner has this great piece that uses Halperin as a  jumping off point to Tavis and Cornel. Go read it!

Smartypants has a great summary of the week in debt ceiling fun and how the Democrats have a few tools in their box.

Joy Reid at The Reid Report has a great piece on the DSK developments. Rich guys get to rape and assault women, didn’t you know that?