Republicans Can’t Handle The Truth – Whining About Those Mean Facts!

I guess when you elect people who are incapable of rational thought and live in an alternate reality where Fox News is your main source of information, we shouldn’t be surprised when Republicans complain about others describing their plans in the “real” reality. When Paul Ryan announced his budget plan and then the House went on to vote for it, apparently they didn’t anticipate people actually reading it and interpreting it for people. The President and Democrats have done a masterful job of getting the facts out to the American people and it has caused a lot of turmoil at town halls and in House members districts where it turns out, senior citizens aren’t big fans of a plan that wipes out the guarantee to Medicare. Who woulda thunk that? From TPM…

Nearly a dozen House Republican freshmen held a press conference outside the Capitol Tuesday morning to “wipe the slate clean,” and “hit the reset button.”

“Yeah, I mean there’s been — again, this is a both-sides issue,” said Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) when asked if GOP candidates and the NRCC had engaged in ‘MediScare’ tactics last year. “To say that one side is blameless in trying to use issues to win votes is just dishonest.”

On Tuesday, Kinzinger and 41 of his colleagues sent a letter to President Obama, asking him to rein in Democratic attacks on GOP members who voted for the House budget, which includes a plan to privatize Medicare and cap spending on the program.

That just cracks me up, they get elected on attacking Democrats and scaring people and then vote for a plan to end Medicare. Of course, then they cry foul when Democrats point that out. Are they really that stupid? Steve Benen weighs in on this too…

In other words, those who suddenly find themselves deeply troubled by “MediSCARE tactics” are in Congress today because of “MediSCARE tactics.”

This was not entirely lost on the GOP freshmen at yesterday’s press conference, and some of the Republicans in attendance said they want to “wipe the slate clean” and “hit the reset button” now that they’re in office.

Well, isn’t that convenient.

It’s as if Republicans hit Democrats with a baseball bat, over and over again, for about a year. Now that Dems, bloodied and bruised, have managed to get their hands on a bat, they’re hearing Republicans proclaim, “Let’s all agree that hitting people with bats is wrong.”

I have to wonder if they really thought their little plan would actually work. To me, it comes off as very childish and whiny. Thankfully the media has actually called them out on it this time.


One thought on “Republicans Can’t Handle The Truth – Whining About Those Mean Facts!

  1. Ha!
    “Daddy, make them stoooop!”

    I think the Dems probably got a good, long chuckle out that!

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