Some Quick Hits From Around The Internets, But Please Don’t Inhale!

I’ve posted many times about polls on this blog, having some schooling in the subject. Now the pollsters are polling about polls.

And if you missed our awesome President on 60 minutes, JM Ashby put it up here to watch. You really should watch it, much more reliable than the media filters.

All the discussion about Hillary in that Situation Room photo, well, how about we just remove her from the picture like this newspaper did.

I totally agree with this, why doesn’t Andrew Breitbart just get a job already.

Wow, is Bill Maher trying to get attention using a racial slur and stereotype?

Check out some more great photos from the parade and protest in Benton Harbor, Michigan on Saturday.

And last, but not least, what fun would a Monday be without calling out Glenn Greenwald on his bullshit?

Attacking People Defending Democracy, Right Here In America!

From Eclectablog, reposted in full.

A press release from Heartland Revolution, who have faced rather ridiculous and farcical accusations that they are somehow allied with Whirlpool or other corporate entities in Benton Harbor:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Contact: Joe PalmerHeartland Revolution

Heartland Revolution would like to commend all the groups which took part in the “Take Back Democracy” protest at Southwest Michigan’s Grand Floral Parade Saturday. Further, we would like to clarify a couple of points made in the press release issued by Save Benton Harbor on Friday.

The movement to rescue democracy in Benton Harbor and in Michigan has begun with action against Michigan’s Public Act 4, better known as the Emergency Manager law. A recall petition has been filed against the bill’s sponsor, Representative Al Pscholka who represents the Benton Harbor area. The influence of corporations on Mr. Pscholka’s career and his actions thus far in the Michigan House are unmistakable, and Heartland Revolution is resolute in its belief that the fight to rescue democracy and the fight against widespread corporate control of government are one in the same. We will work to repeal PA 4, and simultaneously we will work to recall elected officials who condone and enable undemocratic legislation written by and for powerful corporations.

Right now democracy is facing a threat unseen on this continent since the days of British control of the American colonies. For the last thirty years, corporations have gained unprecedented access to government and now have the ability to sway policy that affects all Americans. Due to this nefarious influence, we are seeing legislation that taxes senior pensions while giving the proceeds to corporations and individuals are being appointed to take over towns eliminating elected officials, not to mention widespread attacks on workers’ rights.

Many organizations and individuals are making this movement possible. There isn’t one lone leader of this charge to restore democracy. As Mary Alice Adams, a Benton Harbor resident, put it best, “we are all in the same boat.” Heartland Revolution has worked with, and will continue to work with, anyone that is willing to end this assault on democracy.


Considering the many issues faced by Benton Harbor and, equally important, the wider implications of the EFM Law on Michigan and, really, the entire country, it is imperative that the various groups find a way to work together and all pull the rope in the same direction. Attacking Heartland Revolution with these truly absurd accusations is a step backward, not forward.

The Bush Gang Can’t Seem To Help Themselves

Am I the only one sick of seeing former Bush Administration officials on television trying to rewrite their sordid history and taint recent history or put more precisely, create their own reality? I just read this piece at The Washington Monthly by Steve Benen, here is a chunk of it…

As near as I can tell, former Bush White House Chief of Staff Andy Card’s most notably contribution to the public discourse came a couple of years ago. Card complained publicly about President Obama appearing in the Oval Office without a suit jacket. Card insisted Obama was failing to show “respect” for his office — never mind the photos of Reagan and Bush doing the same thing.

This week, Card is at it again, bringing his shallow pettiness to the bin Laden story.

“President Obama has ‘pounded his chest’ too much and taken too much pride in the success of the mission to take out Osama bin Laden, according to, of all people, George W. Bush’s former Chief of Staff, Andrew Card.”


The irony, of course, is rich. Card helped run Bush’s White House when the former president needlessly donned a flight suit, landed on an aircraft carrier, and strutted his stuff under a “Mission: Accomplished” banner.

Former Bush minions are infiltrating all of our media and trying to continue their neocon con of America. It’s pretty amazing how brazen they are sometimes and Andy Card seems to be one of the worst. Thankfully we have some real media still left to call them out on their bullshit. Steve Benen should be on everyone’s must read list.