A Chirpstory Your Ass Better Read – @allanbrauer

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, the following is a Chirpstory. It is basically a series of “Tweets” strung together, usually an exchange between two or more people. This one is a bit different, I’ll let Allan Brauer explain his reasons for this rant. It is a must read for anyone who really gives a shit about our country. Here is a link to the original chirpstory. He promises more in the future. You can read Allan over at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, which really should be one of your bookmarks if it isn’t already. It may not look like other chirpstories you’ve seen, because I have yet to figure out how to put them in with the embedded code. Doh!

Here’s Allan:


Preface: I went on a bit of a stream of consciousness jag, inspired by the decision of the Sunday morning talk shows to book 6 GOP-Bush apologists to one Democrat on the occasion of Obama carrying out the action that killed Osama bin Laden. We have no liberal media. It’s up to us to be the messenger for Obama and the Democrats.

Tomorrow morning, our corporate media will give platform to war criminals and serial failures in hopes of dragging down Obama’s approval.

Our corporate media is so concerned that the GOP will be unable to front a marketable candidate that they’re trying to drag Obama down.

It will be absolutely devastating for the 2012 news ratings if the GOP nominates a clunker and Obama wins in a cakewalk. Ads must be sold.

Remember that what the news media loved about the Obama/Clinton primary battle was Dems were fighting and a close race drew more eyeballs.

The GOP disappointed media in 2008 by quickly reconciling itself to McCain as their candidate. They have an interest in conflict.

With no primary challenger to Obama, the media hopes the GOP fight will be contentious and prolonged, and that Obama will be vulnerable.

The GOP’s preference for winner-take-all primaries minimizes the chance that they’ll approach their convention without a clear winner.

Therefore it will be necessary for the media to manufacture drama by insisting that Dems are divided, Obama’s support is waning.

Any poll that suggests Obama could lose a state to the GOP nominee will be flogged in 64 point headlines; those showing him winning, not.

Any self-appointed spokesperson who calls for progressives to withhold support from O will be given a platform on Fox News and MSNBC.

The hundreds of thousands of volunteers calling and knocking on doors to re-elect Obama will be disappeared like Iraq war protestors.

If you would like to be cross-posted at HuffPo, Daily Kos, FDL et al, write a post about why Obama doesn’t deserve your vote.

What can we do about the reality I have described? A few things. One, we can withhold our eyeballs and clicks from the media circus.

Two, we can use our own respective platforms, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to amplify and spread the message of those who support Obama.

Three, we can network with each other across all social media and refer people to the work of others with which we agree.

Fourth, and most important, we can organize and mobilize in the real world and talk to persuadable ppl in the middle, not just our allies.

Our country splits roughly one-third left, one-third right, one-third in between. Elections are about getting to 50% + 1.

In 2008, our local Obama phonebanking team included decline-to-state voters, and even some registered Republicans. Those are the target.

Covey’s 7 Habits: each of us has a smaller circle of control and a larger circle of influence. The better you manage what’s in your control,

the larger your circle of influence grows. Go forth. Be calm, friendly, rational and polite. Speak positively of Obama & his results.

Point out how much more Obama can accomplish if given 4 more years to continue what he’s started. Contrast his vision with the GOP’s.

Acknowledge he and his administration have not been perfect. Point out that no politician has ever been perfect. Ask who do you trust more?

Who do you believe actually has your best interests and those of your family and community in mind when deciding a course of action?

All politicians receive money from corporate donors. But ask which ones still favor policies that might benefit the little guy anyway?

Both parties support the principles of a strong US military. But which one has fought to make the military a better and fairer workplace?

Both parties have failed at times to stand up for civil liberties and individual rights. But which has consistently worked to expand them?

Both parties have been insufficient in addressing our environmental degradation. But which one acknowledges we have a problem?

Both sides in the healthcare debate insist that they are looking out for patients. But which one has actually expanded access?

Both parties could do more to protect a woman’s right to choose. But which one unanimously votes to take that right away?

These are some of the choices that face voters when making their decisions in 2012. Make the contrasts clear even as the media blurs them.

The media pretends that they provide balance by presenting critics of Obama from both the left and the right. You provide the real balance.

Only you can explain to your friends, relatives and neighbors why they should support Obama and the Dems. No one else will do it for you.


5 thoughts on “A Chirpstory Your Ass Better Read – @allanbrauer

  1. Ratigan tried to manufacture drama today doing a piece on Obama possibly losing the “Youth Vote” with guest Bill Roedy of MTV (also a big donor to right-winger Bender in the New Hampshire U.S. Senate race).


    At the last minute of the discussion, Ratigan got snarky about Obama being a “disappointment” to the young voters. When Karen Finney said that the young voters may be pleased with his healthcare, Ratigan said that was just money-printing scheme to funnel into the health insurance industry.


  2. As someone who works at a university with 26,000 students, I would say he has his head up his ass. Students love President Obama and don’t follow assholes like Cenk, Dylan, or any of the other pundits. They are too bush playing grab ass and getting drunk. Almost unanimously, students love this president. And we are in Rich Devos country around here. The older white rich people may be disappointed but not the youth. They can’t just wish things to be true no matter how hard they try.

  3. The big problem for the Obama campaign will be to address the enthusiasm issue. Probably the record 2008 turnout of the under 30 voters won’t be repeated, but with “Debbie Downers” like Ratigan, and his fellow cablenews “progressives”, they aren’t doing anything to fire up the youth vote, either.

    Karen Finney did note that the young voters are getting blacker, browner, and more accepting of diversity including gay issues.

  4. We’re lucky to have Rachel Maddow..it’s actually shocking they let her on the air for the token fact checker.

    Thanks for this Chripstory by Allan Brauer, ExtremeLiberal..your presentation is easier to read.

    BTW, I tried to post twice yesterday but it didn’t go through so we’ll see if this does.

  5. All they’re doing is going around saying “Obama won’t get the youth vote this time”..one of the many shit things coming out of ron paul blurbs plastered all over the internet.

    That is an important point from Karen Finney and what I remember from her..a surprise.

    President Obama or turning our country into Koch Central?

    Speaking of Koch ..did you see where the “guerila drive-in” branded the $100 Million “Koch” building in NYC.. “I’m the Teaparty’s Wallet”?


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