Exposing The Professional Left One Hater At A Time

In my morning perusing of my favorite blogs I came across several great posts taking on the Professional Left, so I thought I would share those links in case others like seeing their lies and innuendo exposed. It turns out to be the Glenn Greenwald edition for the most part. He’s the biggest and loudest blowhard in the bunch and has stepped in quicksand, going down quickly.

Angry Black Lady takes on one of Glenn Greenwald’s many lies, he’s been spewing multiple lies each day, it’s hard to keep up with his utter bullshit.

The People’s View takes on the man most responsible for me becoming a blogger, John Aravosis, who has been trying to drive a wedge between the gay community and the Obama administration since before the 2008 election.

The People’s View also goes after Glenn Greenwald on his utter stupidity when it comes to civil liberties and terrorists.

Rooted Cosmopolitan put this up over a week ago, but it nails Greenwald on some of his warped opinions on the death of OBL.

Comments from The Left digs up a some craziness from Bob Somersby at the Daily Howler who thinks birtherism and the extreme vitriol from the right has nothing to do with our President’s race.

Dana Houle at Rooted Cosmopolitan dissected Glenn Greenwald’s interview with Out magazine a few weeks ago, very revealing. It’s an oldie but a goodie.


4 thoughts on “Exposing The Professional Left One Hater At A Time

  1. I think that Greenwald’s a moron that has zero credibility. He should have stuck with Manning and kept his mouth shut about everything else. Talking about how Osama bin Laden aka one of the masterminds of 9/11 destroys anything and everything about the man as far as I’m concerned.

    I’d like to add that the guy has a secret agenda against the United States and Michael Moore is no different. I’ve personally decided I will not watch another Michael Moore documentary.

  2. I am one of the many former posters at ABlog who was banned in the “night of long knives” when a few dozen of us, who dared to take a different view of the blog owner, were blocked from posting. It was mostly over Aravosis cheerleading the Israeli destruction of Lebanon. Being Greek, there is probably no love for Muslims (especially Turks…Cyprus is an example of the race hate). I Googled and found an article Aravosis once wrote for Likud which pissed him off.


    Then there were many of us who had been duped to keep sending money to ABlog in order to “upgrade software” to make it a better site, but after some tens of thousands of our money, he only took month long trips to France and Greece and there was no improvement in software.

    A whole group of the “banned” started their own blog…Les Enrages: http://unrulymob.blogspot.com/

    Kay invited me to her blog in Maine and I went back to the Utne Cafe renamed New Cafe. The latter has been hijacked by a band of Naderites who attacked anyone with biting sarcasm who didn’t pass their “progressive” litmus test. I was a suspect “Republican” in sheep’s clothing! The left blogosphere does have it radicals, too, who believe achieving their narrow views is more important than Democrats winning.

  3. Yeah, aravosis is a hater of all things President Obama and he didn’t mind lying about it to ramp it up. I use to be a member of a huge site for years that posted his links like it was the freakin’ Holy Grail. I finally left for pastures that valued facts over the professional left’s incessant whine for lucre.


  4. Aravosis was formerly a Republican until he came out of the closet and probably realized he was a member of a party that hated him. That was when he found a home for his seemingly single issue, in the Democratic Party.

    As a gay man who has been out now for 46 years, I didn’t want Obama to push heavy on any of the gay agenda until he was re-elected in 2012 so as to limit the wedge issues that surely the right would bring up against him.

    I have waited a long time, nearly all my life, and seen a slow but steady improvement in life for gay America. I can WAIT four more years. I’m not like a spoiled kid who wants everything RIGHT NOW! Gee, even the word homosexual couldn’t even be uttered in a movie or TV up through the 1960’s. Hollywood had to write out homosexual characters in Tennessee Williams’ plays like “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”.

    My partner and I are not religious and wouldn’t want a “marriage” anyway which in reality is a religious function. Like Goldie Hawn and Kirk Russell now together “like” man and wife for nearly 30 years, we don’t need a piece of paper validating our love. We do support civil unions so that we would have the full rights of any married couple, but in the meantime we have last wills and testaments and have worked out financial matters in a legal manner.

    I wanted Obama to immediately attack the economy and JOBS as soon as he was inaugurated and was frustrated to see “Obamacare” consume the first year of his administration. The economy, not gay rights, is the top priority that will ensure his re-election. Obama, safe into a second term could really get into the issues that the right would now use as wedge issues in his first term…like gay rights, immigration issues, abortion, etc. If the Republicans take over in 2012, then we can kiss any progressive initiative goodbye. Remember women’s right to vote, black civil rights didn’t come over night but took many decades to achieve, one step at a time.

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