How To Look Like A Complete Asshole – Lawrence O’ Donnell Style!

I saw this live last night (well the repeat) and was reminded how much of an asshole Lawrence O’Donnell can be. I still like Larry, but this segment with Jason Chaffetz about his sleeping in his office to save money was just over-the-top bad. What good does it do the progressive cause when you make Republicans look good by being so angry and stupid. Who really gives a shit where the guy sleeps? Maybe Lawrence should have devoted that segment to talking about Chaffetz’s crazy policy ideas instead of acting like someone who needs anger management classes. Still love you Larry, but chill the hell out about silly things like this.

This isn’t the first time that Larry has acted this way, either. My guess is that it doesn’t play very well with the brass upstairs either. There is something about that over-the-top combative style that turns a lot of people off, including myself. I would much rather see Rachel Maddow go after someone with her calm, factual and relentless style rather than what Lawrence displayed last night. And he was a staffer in the Senate for two years, you know?


5 thoughts on “How To Look Like A Complete Asshole – Lawrence O’ Donnell Style!

  1. O’Donnell is okay at times but boy I get annoyed with him myself. I liked how he called out the Michelle Obama cartoon as racist but at the same time he tends to go way over the top sometimes.

  2. I thought he was trying to out-O’Reilly, Bill O’Reilly who is his competitor in that time slot. I don’t like rude or talking over and it isn’t always just at Faux News. There are so MANY more important things happening in the world right now.

  3. O’Donnell is a first class ass. He diminishes everyone around him by his ranting and plain bad manners. MSNBC needs to pull him back in line or show him the door!

  4. I don’t agree with much of what you have to say, Extreme, but I like that you’re at least somewhat fair in that you don’t go after the other side for every little thing.

  5. Terrance,
    I’m realizing more and more that my party, the Democratic Party, has a lot of assholes in it too. I still believe it is the much preferred party by far, but just like the GOP, we have some in our party that make us look bad. Michael Moore comes to mind….although I agree with him on a lot of things, his tactics and methods don’t really help our cause.

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