Republicans Are Waging War On American Workers, The Sick, The Poor and The Elderly!

This post is a linkfest of fun. There are so many atrocities being perpetuated by the Republican Party, it’s hard to keep up with it.

That lovely woman in Arizona, Jan Brewer is sticking it to those sick and poor people real good.

And of course the prank of the day, the fake call to Governor Scott Walker shows how screwed up Republicans really are…listening to the call, you get the feeling it’s a minion reporting to the boss. He spent a lot of time explaining himself to his (fake) boss David Koch.

Republicans really want to kill people who don’t agree with them. Libya anyone! UPDATE before I even posted, the asshole was fired. Wooo hooo.

But Governor Walker in Wisconsin may be screwing his state even more than he thought. His anti-union bill might lose him some federal transportation funds.


Is Governor Scott “No-bid” Walker Really Into Sex Parties?

I’m waiting for the pictures of Scottie and his Wackenhut buddies who like to have parties like the ones shown below. In case you missed this story,  Governor Walker, when he was Milwaukee County Executive fired the unionized security at the county courthouse and hired this British company. No shit, he didn’t even hire a company from his own state or country. A little background from Think Progress…

The last time Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) went after public sector unions it had “disastrous results” for him and for taxpayers. As Milwaukee County Executive in 2009, Walker tried to get rid of the unionized security guards at the county courthouse and replace them with contractors, which he promised would save the county money. The County Board rejected the idea, but in March of 2010 Walker “unilaterally ordered it,” claiming there was a budget emergency. Walker hired the British security contractor Wackenhut — of Kabul Embassy sex scandal fame — to replace the guards. Unfortunately for Walker and Milwaukee taxpayers, an arbiter later ruled that Walker had overstepped his authority, and ordered the county to reinstate the unionized workers, pay backwages, and pay tens of thousands of dollars in arbiter fees.

Wackenhut came into the American public view in a rather controversial way, wouldn’t you say. They were the contractors in Afghanistan who like to party like frat boys and rugby players, apparently. The photos really say it all, don’t they.

Party animals, those Wackenhut employees. Woooo hoooo, let’s go party with Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Someone has to have photos of Scott with his British buddies, come on people, haven’t you ever heard of Photoshop?