Ed Schultz Bending Over Backwards To Bash The President!

Now that Ed is on at 10 pm on MSNBC, I have had the chance to watch a couple of his shows, but I can tell you that I won’t be a regular.  When he first came on the scene at MSNBC, my first thoughts were that he seemed to be kind of simple. Not exactly a deep thinker, from what I’ve heard him say anyway. I think it was Bob Cesca that mentioned in his podcast that after the State of the Union, Ed sounded like a child amongst a panel of adults. I got home from work the other night and started watching Ed, he was on a rant about the SOTU speech and had the graphic up “Omission Accomplished”. How clever is that? I found the Youtube clip of the segment, if you didn’t see it, take a look or jump ahead to the parts that caught my eye.

At 08:10 of the clip, Ed makes the following statement which is a perfect example of how his obvious dislike for President Obama, for whatever reason, makes him say complete horseshit like this…

…And President Obama doesn’t seem to have anybody around on his economic team or staff who really understands labor. In fact, I can’t think of one person that has ever been connected to labor in factories and manufacturing –  that’s on the President’s staff.

Jump to 09:22 where Leo Gerard annihilates Ed’s hypothesis by reminding him about a little thing called the bailout of the auto industry and the man who helped make that happen, Ron Bloom, the President’s senior counselor for manufacturing policy.

At 09:39, Ed tries his hardest to backpeddle, he kind of admits his omission…maybe that is where his graphic came from, his own “omission” of the facts in his rant.

So after a SOTU speech where CBS’s flash poll showed 91% who saw it, liked it. 91 freakin percent, people……that is off the fucking charts. Polling the following day showed it in the mid 80%. So what does Ed focus on for 14 damn minutes on his show, trying to pick out “omissions”. This is one more example of supposed liberals taking down our Democratic Party from the inside. With friends like this, who needs enemies?