Mubarak Steps Down – Kudos To The Obama Administration, Good Work!

Now I certainly don’t expect the media or the brain dead leaders of the GOP and I better add the Obama haters to the list too…but I don’t expect any of them to grasp how nuanced our position has been, walking a fine line between looking like we are dictating to Egypt what to do (just a little resentment if we did that), making sure we show that we support the people of Egypt, balancing our economic interests (our oil addiction, drill baby drill) and many other delicate issues involved like our relationship with Israel and other middle east countries. Do you suppose Sarah Palin took even one of those things into consideration before she opened her pie-hole the other day and spewed out another word salad? Not me!

In our political environment where the village idiots have been empowered and the media seems to play to them, I don’t expect anyone to really get it. But we true progressives do and many honest Republicans actually do too. Thankfully the foreign policy experts in the GOP haven’t drank the Kool-aid quite yet, but give them time.


Booman has a great post up with a quote from our awesome president’s speech in Cairo. Go look at it. Here is Booman’s wrap up which adds to what I typed above…

The brave Egyptian people deserve the credit for making this revolution happen, but it was crucial that our president signaled his support for the effort, did everything he could to protect them a violent crackdown, and finally put his finger on the scale at the crucial moment. We will learn more details in the years to come. There is no doubt that there has been division within the administration, with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and even envoy Frank Wisner showing support for a continuation of the Mubarak regime. But the president didn’t waver and he kept the promises he made in Cairo nearly two years ago.

He has not disappointed me. His leadership validates my belief in his instincts.