Bernie Sander’s Progressive Purity Test

The Democratic Party is very diverse. We welcome all flavors of voters, liberal, “progressive”, moderates…even conservative Democrats. We work together to get things done. It’s always the outsiders, the independents, that like to throw wedges into the party and try to divide us up.

We will not be divided.

We will stand strong against those that try to apply a purity test to our diverse, inclusive party.

Start your own political party if you want to be pure.

We want to move forward.

2 thoughts on “Bernie Sander’s Progressive Purity Test

  1. Thank you! I completely agree. Sanders is trying to create wedges in the party to win a damn election.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. It’s also nice for me to hear from someone who feels the same way…it’s almost a relief. I’m a Hillary supporter and so tired of getting treated like a Satan worshipper/Republican/paid shill/whatever. I understand the passion of the Bern peeps, but please, let’s not tear each other down like this on the progressive side.

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