8 thoughts on “Why We Win – President Obama Speaking In Minnesota

  1. I wish Democrats would toot their horn much more. They are letting the Republicans do much of the messaging and thus playing defense instead of going on offense. Everyday I read the Houston Chronicle‘s Business pages with its stock indexes (yes I am a capitalist with a stock portfolio!) and it seems everything has been moving in a positive direction for the past couple of years. I know the values of my stocks have more than doubled under Obama after losing big-time under Bush/Cheney. Not only have American business done well, but are now sitting on a couple of TRILLION dollars of profits, many having record profits. However, our corporations (most run by mega-rich Republicans) are not doing much of anything with their money to hire more workers. Maybe they waiting for President Romney as it seems the G.O.P. and the US Chamber of Commerce want to keep several millions of Americans MISERABLE just for a few more months while they enjoy their yachts, country club lives. As Machiavelli wrote in The Prince, the “ends justify the means”!!! But the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky said, “A means can only be justified by its end. But the end in turn needs to be justified.”….”The ruling class forces its ends upon society and habituates it to considering all those means which contradict its ends as immoral”

    Not only have U.S. auto manufacturers done quite well since getting Obama’s help to prevent bankruptcies, but today’s newspaper reports that Mercedes and Audi are doing better all of the time. Mercedes sold 22,515 cars in May, UP 19.2% over May 2011. Mercedes reports a sales total 106,364 units in 2012, UP 17.8% over the first 5 months of 2011. Audi has set an all-time record for U.S. sales in May, UP 65.9% over May 2011. Audi now has had 17 consecutive months of increased sales.

    Damned “Obama economy”. But then the “private sector” seems to be going fine. The big problem has been all of those Republican run states that have killed hundreds of thousands of public-sector jobs.

  2. With “friends like these” (e.g. Bill Clinton and PUMAs like Ed Rendell and James Carville, not to mention the Hamwaldian whiny left) it will be a wonder if President Obama is re-elected this fall. It appears that a strategy is being utilized by Republicans to find a seemingly plausible way to criticize Obama from the left wing. i.e. Kathleen Parker’s unsubstantiated assertion in a recent Op-Ed piece, “Does Clinton think Obama has been a good president? Of course not.”


    Their hope is that while Obama opponents can’t convince swing voters to oppose him, those voters can be swayed by Obama supporters not to support him. This tactic appeals especially well to the lock step litmus test mentality of modern radicalized Republicans.

  3. Watching both Romney and Obama speaking in Ohio on MSNBC, and even though Faux News carried Romney’s speech, surprise! surprise! they did NOT cover the President’s speech. No wonder Farleigh-Dickinson University found in their research that Fox viewers are the LEAST informed of Americans, even more ignorant of international and domestic affairs than those who watch no cable news at all. BTW, a troll on another blog pooh poohed Farleigh-Dickinson saying it was the “worst ranked” university in the USA, but US News & World Report ranks the school 81st out of over 3000 schools in America. But then did FACTS ever slow down a troll?

    Jonathan Alter, of Newsweek, however panned the speech on Tamron Hall’s MSNBC show calling it the least effective (and at 54 minutes long the most long-winded) speech the President has made so far. I thought it was a good speech and the President seemed to hold the attention of an enthusiastic crowd for the whole time. But then who am I to judge….that’s the pundits job!

  4. Being a child of the 1930′s and having lived under 13 presidents, I have NEVER seen the disrespect for the President of the United States as I have seen for our first black President (likewise, his black Attorney General). Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) called PRESIDENT OBAMA a LIAR out loud during a State of the Union speech and today, a brownshirt “reporter” from Tucker Carlson’s REICH-wing blog heckled the President during his policy speech in the Rose Garden.

  5. Of course, Dylan Ratigan (leaving MSNBC next Friday….GOOD RIDDANCE) says that Obama is “pandering” for the Latino vote today just as he “pandered” to the GLBT voters coming out in support of gay “marriage” and today having Leon Panetta proclaim June as Military Gay Pride Month. I guess ONLY Dylan Ratigan makes decisions based upon good conscience.

  6. Im not sure why liberals say things are getting better? Im sure someone can explain this to me without cussing or talking down, just want a healthy conversation. The unemployment rate is stuck and has been for a while. The deficit has increased. Foreclosures are still at record highs. Forcing companies into loss through regulation and fiat seems to be the liberal way of ruling. Its said that they deserve it, because they need to share their profit with people who didn’t earn it? Im just a little confused by this all. I thought our country was not about jealously and desiring what our brother has and we do not. If you work hard and are self reliant you can get ahead with the right attitude. Its really not that tough of a concept. Im not sure why you turn things upside down? I hear you claim you want to destroy corporations, but those corporations as bad as you might think they are put food oh the table for a lot of hard working americans. Same goes for small businesses which Obama has killed. My previous job was with a company who had around 100 employees starting in September 2008. Shortly after Obama was reelected and passed obamacare and regulated everything by fiat, we eventually had dwindled down to before I left in May 2012 to 20 people. People were displaced everywhere and luckily the big bad corporations you guys hate were able to employ those of us who lost our jobs. So, what’s your beef with the constitution and with the US? Why do you hate this country?

  7. So much in your comment to reply to….here goes….

    The unemployment rate is a direct result of the recession that started in Dec. 2007 and continued into 2009, when President Obama took office. From CNNMoney…no liberal rag (http://money.cnn.com/2010/02/04/news/economy/jobs_outlook/)

    “Job losses during the recession may have been underestimated by close to a million jobs. So instead of employers cutting just over 7 million jobs from their payrolls since the economic downturn began in December 2007, it’s expected that the Labor Department’s new estimate will be a loss of 8 million jobs.

    “It’s an enormous understatement of the severity of the crisis,” said Heidi Shierholz, labor economist with the Economic Policy Institute, a union-supported think tank. “It confirms that things were actually worse on the ground than what the reports suggested.”

    8 million jobs lost in the recession that began in Dec. 2007 and ended about 6 months after President Obama took office. Be just a little intellectually honest with yourself and don’t try to blame those on President Obama, his policies weren’t even in place yet.

    Liberals aren’t necessarily jealous of those with money, there are many of us with money ourselves. Having money doesn’t make you greedy, either. Many of us gladly pay our fair share because we want good schools, highways, police, firefighters, and help for poor people, women and children who need help and help when we have natural disasters to help people put their lives back together. I pay a lot of taxes and don’t try to hide my money overseas or in some shady Cayman Island corporation designed to avoid tax laws.

    No one claimed to want to destroy corporations that I know of, are you just repeating talking points from Fox News. Please, produce evidence of liberals or Democrats (not fringe) who have said anything like that. Please, put up the evidence. I’m a liberal who owns a few corporations, why would I want to destroy my own companies?

    And if you are still curious why a lot of small businesses had troubles in 2008, 2009 and even into 2010…see the link above about the 8 million jobs lost during George W. Bush’s recession (Dec. 2008 – August 2009)

  8. As a LIBERAL capitalist, owner of my own construction corporation in the 1970’s and 1980’s (until going broke in 1988 when Reaganomics caused little to nothing to “trickle down” to me), I have long invested in the stock market. Thankfully, the Dow and NASDAQ have recovered under President Obama and I can once again enjoy the fruits of my previous investments in my retirement now (like 20 trips abroad since 2007 including that the last 20 days spent mostly in the “evil” socialist, happy and prosperous Norway). So for me, things have gotten much better than what they were under Bush/Cheney. Jobs have been created at a steady pace ever since Obama started running the economy even with every obstacle placed in his path by congressional Republicans who care little about Americans but instead only want to unseat the president. After the great spike in unemployment in the last year of George W. Bush, anyone who can read a graph can see that unemployment has been trending downwards. Jobs have been created every month for the past couple of years. What appears to be “stuck” is due to our growing population increasing pressures on the job market.



    AVERAGE NUMBER OF JOBS CREATED PER MONTH BY THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION EXCLUDING THE DISASTROUS LAST YEAR OF 2008 was 66,000. And Mitt Romney thinks he can “create” a half million jobs per month?


    As a former active Republican, I have nothing against corporations but like the great Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, I do believe they should be regulated. Contrary to what Romney believes, corporations are not “PEOPLE” and shouldn’t be able to BUY our government. What we are getting in our nation now (thanks in part to rulings like “Citizens United”) is coming closer and closer to Benito Mussolini’s description of the ideal fascist state. However, it didn’t work out so well for him nor his ally Adolph Hitler when most of the world rose up and said, “NO”!.

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