I’m Declaring A Moratorium On Right-Wing Trolls Until Further Notice – Join Me!

I had several comments that I deleted with extreme prejudice this morning…trying to give credit to Bush and attempting to spin this in their warped way. Fuck it, I’m not giving them a platform for their bullshit propaganda. What we saw last night after the announcement, although a little strange to comprehend, was our country coming together and putting an end to a chapter in our history that should have been ended many years ago. This isn’t political, it is our national security, it is closure for all those who suffered on 9/11 and it is a healing process so we might move on from the horrible memories of 9/11.

Stop the trolls from ruining this moment and attempting to rewrite history as it is happening.


My Rants At A Left Comment Troll!

I occasionally go over to the The Raw Story and take on their new found slant against President Obama. They’ve joined the “Obama Derangement Brigade” of left bloggers who have decided that they can get clicks by attacking the President and Democrats. I still go there because they really do have an excellent site, it’s just some of the posts that piss me off. Here is the link to the latest post I commented on, I’m only pasting my rants and a few of the trolls, if you want to know what I’m ranting against, you’ll have to go check it out. Excuse the grammar and sentence structure, it is a rant in a comment section after all.

The post was about the protest at the President’s fundraiser in California, you know, the song that was sung to him. This is what apparently got the trolls riled up…

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