Raise Taxes On Millionaires – 81% Of Americans Support It, That’s 81%!

With those kind of poll numbers, you have to wonder why all the politicians aren’t jumping on this bandwagon, don’t you? We liberals have to keep pounding this message home, continuous, relentless…kind of like what Republicans do with their messages. When poll questions that get to this info are actually asked, people tell it like it is, but how often are these sorts of questions actually asked? The media has no desire to help in the venture of informing the American people about the gulf between the rich and the poor. One example that blows me away is within a two week period, Republicans fought off an effort to take away $53 billion in subsidies to oil companies who made RECORD profits last year, RECORD profits. During the same period of time they chose to cut funding for NPR, Planned Parenthood, WIC and all sorts of other small programs that benefit the most needy in our great country.

The third richest man on the planet, according to Forbes, is Warren Buffett and here is what he has to say about raising taxes on rich people. I tend to take his word on it rather than someone like Eric Cantor or John Boehner.

And of course the only Senator with balls enough to actually talk about it, Bernie Sanders, has put forth a bill to do just that. Senators are lining up to co-sponsor it…cough, spit.

We in the liberal blogosphere must push hard, we must help educate the American people to the staggering shift in wealth from the poor and middle class to the richest of the rich. I will keep pounding it home and I encourage you all to do the same.