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Late Night Laughs – Richard Prior’s Mudbone (NSFW)

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Friday Night Funnies – Richard Pryor

A sober Richard Pryor gets back on the stage after his accident and proves why he is the best there ever was.

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Some Comic Relief – Because I Can Use Some Right About…Now, How About You?

If I need to laugh, I go for Richard Pryor. Warning, put the kids to bed before watching with the speakers on.

And here is a really old clip…a young Richard Pryor

March 19, 2011 Posted by | Humor | | 1 Comment

The Funniest Man Who Ever Lived – Richard Pryor

I had a lot of fun searching around Youtube for Richard Pryor clips. I think I’ve seen every stand up video he ever made but I came across some TV appearances that were new to me. Below are some of my favorite clips (that were on Youtube, I couldn’t find some of my all time favorites), I hope you laugh as hard as I did.

July 24, 2010 Posted by | Humor | | 3 Comments



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