Aaron Schock Compares Himself To Lincoln – A Rare Photo Proves It

In Aaron Schock’s final speech on the floor of the House, he compared himself to Abraham Lincoln…which should be a clue to what is wrong with the man. The hubris with which this guy operated, like many who get elected to office, both Democrats and Republicans, is just over the top. We’ve only begun to learn what this guy did, I’m sure there will be more that will come out as the investigation continues.

I dug deep into the archives and found this rare photo of Abraham Lincoln acting just like Aaron Schock. (Photoshop is fun for the whole family)


How Many Boys Has Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) Actually Broken In Half?

The Republican Party is full of crazies, idiots and bullies. They’re like a giant clown circus on drugs.

The State of the Union address typically brings out the crazy, grandstanding boneheads from the party but last night we got a taste of the bully wing.

From Talking Points Memo…

“Let me be clear to you, you ever do that to me again I’ll throw you off this fucking balcony,” Grimm told NY1 reporter Michael Scotto following an on-air interview in the Capitol Rotunda. “No, no, you’re not man enough, you’re not man enough. I’ll break you in half. Like a boy.”

This is your modern Republican Party, folks. Intimidation, threats of violence and corruption all rolled into one steaming pile of crap. More from TPM…

At the Caribbean Tropics nightclub, Grimm allegedly threatened another patron — the estranged husband of a woman Grimm had entered the club with. Grimm reportedly said the man “don’t know who he’s fucking with … I’ll fuckin’ make him disappear where nobody will find him.” That same night, (and we’re glossing over the part where Grimm allegedly said “I’m a fucking F.B.I. agent, ain’t nobody gonna threaten me.”) Grimm allegedly returned to the club with another FBI agent and several New York City police officers. He then refused to let club patrons and employees leave, and allegedly told everyone to “get up against the fucking wall” and gave an order: “all the white people get out of here.” (emphasis mine)

I’m sure glad we have an election later in the year. Funny, you never hear about Democratic Representatives doing this kind of crap. Republicans have the market cornered on crazy politicians.

Republicans – Do You Really Want to Go Into That Glass House?

NOTE: This is a partially completed post that I thought I would put up for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to finish it and second, there is so much corruption from the Republicans over the last 10 years, it is overwhelming. I mean Jeez, these guys were busy. You might notice how the party of family values loves them some sex.

Charlie Rangel’s ethics charges are making the Republican’s all giddy with excitement, they think it’s a problem they can hammer Democrats with in the Fall to help them take back the house and senate. Really? You guys really want go down the “ethics road” considering some of your party’s recent problems. Really? Well OK, if that’s what you want to do. Let’s get out the stones and start throwing them suckers, from Steve Benen….

In contrast, the corruption that overcame the Republican establishment during their reign of error was systemic and overwhelming. After a while, so many GOP officials were involved in scandals, the names started to blur together. Which one was Abramoff’s buddy? Which one took bribes from defense contractors? Which one had his home raided by the FBI? Which one was locked up in a federal penitentiary? If Republicans really want to talk about ethical lapses, it’s worth reminding them of names like DeLay, Cunningham, Ney, Foley, Lewis, Burns, Stevens, Craig, Vitter, Miller, and Renzi, among others.

My favorite in that bunch is David Vitter who as most people know but some may have forgotten, likes to hire prostitutes and is into wearing diapers with them. Is that an “ethics” violation according to Republicans? Probably not, since one of their own can do no wrong. Even though that is my favorite in that bunch, the ones that really are more serious – are abuses of power and the worst kind of crimes against the country. Duke Cunningham, remember him….bribery….from The Washington Post…

Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.) resigned from Congress yesterday after tearfully confessing to evading taxes and conspiring to pocket $2.4 million in bribes, including a Rolls-Royce, a yacht and a 19th-century Louis-Philippe commode.


Prosecutors said Cunningham, an eight-term House member, “demanded, sought and received” illicit payments in the form of cash, home payments, furnishings, cars and vacations from four co-conspirators, including two defense contractors, over the past five years.

He kind of took the whole bribery and abuse of power to a whole new level. In comparison, the worst of the charges against Charlie Rangel seem to be the allegation that he didn’t pay taxes on hundreds of thousands of dollars of income. So, yes, that is not right and everyone will say so including Rep. Rangel. He is pleading ignorant for the most part, it seems. So if he had paid taxes on that additional income, based on the chart I have below….it would be an estimated $61,000 if it were $300,000 of income and $123,000 if were income of $500,000. So yeah, that is not right. But Duke Cunningham took bribes of $2.4 million dollars….bribes, not tax evasion, bribes and you know that bribes usually mean some sort of favor for those bribes, which climb into the tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money going to Duke’s buddies. Are the two comparable, I don’t think so, Homey. Multiple millions of taxpayer dollars being diverted to cronies vs. tens of thousands of dollars not being paid in taxes with no favors attached, no Rolls Royces, no defense contracts.

Republican’s with criminal problems in recent years:

Bill Frist – Senate Majority Leader, “insider trading” regarding “the sale of shares of HCA Inc. held in a blind trust earlier this year, one month before a weak earnings report sparked a drop in the company’s stock. Nashville, Tennessee-based HCA, the biggest U.S. hospital chain, was founded by Frist’s father and brother.”

Senator John Ensign – Cheated on his wife with a campaign aide who was the wife of a staffer. He then helped get the staffer a job with a lobbying firm which is illegal. We’ll see how it all works out. Oh, and by the way, pure coincidence I’m sure but his parents wrote a check to the staffer for $96,000 following the discovery of the affair. Hmmmm…..

Senator Larry (wide stance) Craig – soliciting gay sex in a bathroom, what’s the big deal with that…oh, that’s right he is a hypocrite.

Senator Ted Stevens – found guilty of 7 counts of falsifying official Senate Records, lots of good corruption there.

Leader of the House of Representatives Tom Delay – Lots of corruption here, he resigned to avoid us all hearing about it in detail.

Newt Gingrich – Resigned from the House and agreed to pay $300,000 in penalties.

Rick Renzi – Bribery….land deal….$700,000

Bob Ney – Jack Abramoff, bribes, influence peddling…

Bob Barr –

Bill Thomas –

Dan Burton –

Sexual Harrassment, Affairs and out of wedlock babies

John Ensign (affair, bribery, corruption), Larry Craig (soliciting gay sex), Bob Packwood (sexual harrassment, 10 staffers), Newt Gingrich (affair while wife was being treated for cancer), Henry Hyde (5 year affair), Bob Livingston(several affairs), Bob Barr (whipped cream), Bill Thomas (affair with lobbyist), Dan Burton (many affairs, sexual assault, mistresses on payroll), Charles Canady (affair), Dick Armey (sexual harrassment of students), John Peterson (sexual harassment, 6 women), Bill Janklow (accused of rape of child),Vito J. Fossella (affair), Helen Chenoweth (affair), J.C. Watts (out of wedlock child), Connie Mack (affair with Sonny Bono’s wife), John Schmitz (affair and strange emergency room visit), Don Sherwood (affair and charges of abuse), Strom Thurmond (out of wedlock child), Donald “Buz” Lukens (sex with a minor), Ken Calvert (caught with prostitue), Chip Pickering (affair), Jim Bunn (affair with staffer), Ed Schrock (tapes soliciting gay sex), Dan Crane (sex with 17 year old female page), Gerry Studds (sex with 17 year old male page), Robert Bauman (soliciting sex from a 16 year old boy),

Don Young –

Katherine Harris –

Conrad Burns, Rick Santorum, Roy Blunt, Tom Feeney, Marilyn Musgrave, Bob Ney, Richard Pombo, Charles Taylor, Mark Foley,

Here are the sources for a lot of the above info. Here and here.