1 in 5 Women Will Be Raped On A College Campus!

On my drive home from my day gig last night, Tom Ashbrook had a very somber topic on his NPR show, Onpoint, about the unbelievable number of women who are being raped on college campuses. Vice President Joe Biden gave a great speech at the University of New Hampshire and the clip below is a news report about it. Here is a link to the entire speech, the VP sure can talk, can’t he. :) If you go look at it, Joe starts at about 10 minutes on the timeline.

This rape culture that has developed in our country and everywhere, really HAS TO STOP, DAMN IT. And the way it has to happen is by all of us speaking out, sitting our teenage and young adult men down and making sure they know that it is NEVER OK to force yourself on a woman. I urge everyone to sit the young men in your family down and talk to them, even if you don’t have any reason to think that your son is like that. You don’t know what kind of crap his friends are telling him or if he’s watching Jersey Shore and idolizing the idea of “Hooking Up” or getting girls drunk and taking advantage of them. I’ve posted about this before, go read it if you are interested. After you watch this clip where the Vice President tells it like it is.