Paul Ryan Running From The Lord!

Watching the fallout from Paul Ryan’s “Path to Poverty” has been very fun for me. If the Republican Party didn’t foresee the reaction of people to trying to privatize Medicare and handing out vouchers to seniors, they really are in much worse shape than I imagined. And as people learn about the inspiration behind Paul Ryan’s plan, the anti-religion Ayn Rand, it has made Paul Ryan pick up his pace while running away from the fallout. This clip is priceless and to me is a metaphor. Run, Forest, run!

A little background on the problem with Paul Ryan embracing his inspiration, Ayn Rand, so tightly. From Steve Benen…(emphasis mine)

The right-wing House Budget Committee chairman is well known as a Rand acolyte — he demands his staffers read her novels — but what’s less well known is that Ayn Rand was actively hostile to Christianity. The problem was ideological, not theological — Jesus touted principles such as charity and compassion towards the less fortunate, concepts Rand and her followers strongly reject. Randians believe altruism is evil and those in poverty should wait for the hand of the free market to lift them up.

The concept of supply side economics has never fit well with the teachings of Jesus Christ, but somehow the right has glossed over that contradiction with their mindless followers. But Ayn Rand’s ideas are a little bit harder to gloss over and I have to give credit to many Christians who are speaking out. There aren’t enough doing it, but I give a lot of credit to those who are. Bravo!