Liz “McCarthy” Cheney Gets Smacked Down!

Attorney General Eric Holder, in response to a question from Charles Grassley, lets us know how he really feels about Liz Cheney and her ad attacking lawyers who defended detainees at Guantanamo. When the right wing starts attacking the foundation of our democracy and our justice system, you know they are going off the rails. We haven’t heard a whole lot from ole’ Lizzie since then, have we? She was severely beaten down by her own party after that ad. Many of the lawyers she attacked were career military people simply doing their jobs. You have to wonder why the reich-wingers defend George W. Bush’s attempt to return to the “kangaroo courts” of the 1800’s. Interesting enough, according to Wikipedia (grain of salt time), the first recorded reference to kangaroo courts was in Texas, go figure. Here is Eric Holder responding to Charles Grassley.


Wolf Blitzer Should Be Removed From The Air!

I’m not going to copy and paste this article from Glenn Greenwald at but encourage you all to take a look at it. Wolf Blitzer really crossed several lines the other day with the Liz Cheney smear ad, he was complicate in it and deserves to be reprimanded, take away his Edward R. Murrow award or something. He’s obviously an idiot, sees everything as “he said, she said”. He’s a moron. Check out this article.