Scarborough Defends John Ensign’s Behavior!

Joe Scarborough sometimes lets his true feelings out and when he does, he just keeps digging and digging and digging himself into a bigger hole. The other morning he took on the defense of John Ensign, the Senator from Nevada who got caught having an affair with an aid and even worse, got caught paying them off. This story has been bizarre from the start with Ensign refusing to resign and vowing to run again. I suppose in Nevada, paying someone off is just the cost of doing business and of course an affair…Here is a little background on the good senator from Nevada from the New York Times

At a black-tie Christmas party at the White House in 2006, Mr. Ensign and Ms. Hampton beamed as they posed for a picture with President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura. It was that night that he realized that his feelings toward Ms. Hampton had become romantic, Mr. Ensign later admitted to Mr. Hampton, according to Mr. Hampton.

A year later, during what Mr. Ensign said was a difficult time in his marriage, Mr. Hampton intercepted a text message from his boss to his wife that made plain that their relationship had become intimate. “It was such a betrayal,” Mr. Hampton said.

There were heated confrontations, tearful admissions, promises to end the affair, even joint family meetings that included the couples’ children. Still, the relationship continued.

So even after all the tearful admissions and bullshit he kept on doing it. He should feel fortunate that his buddy Joe Scarborough spent a good five minutes defending Mr. Ensign and accusing Tom Harkin of playing politics with it. I’m sure Joe would say he wasn’t defending his behavior and that he is just pointing out the politics of the situation, well when it comes to ethics violations, generally unethical behavior transcends party affiliation…..lots of democrats have had them and it seems like Joe doesn’t always jump to their defense but rather rubs salt in their wounds with his innuendo and that smirk on his smug face. His shtick is to pretend like he’s a straight shooter because he might agree with the democrats once in a while and he criticizes his fellow idiot Republicans once in a while too. His is the worst kind of bullshit.