Glenn Greenwald, Failed Lawyer, Knows Best!

Glenn Greenwald has been pushing the idea that President Obama has been waging an “unprecedented war on whistleblowers.” Yesterday on Twitter, he was fawning over a Jane Mayer magazine article on the subject. I see this as a perfect example of the rabidness of Greenwald and how simple his mind is.

To start with, the Justice department under President Obama has returned to the way it used to be, prior to the Bush years where it was micro-managed by the White House and Karl Rove. Career, honorable lawyers are back at the Justice department. I really don’t think President Obama is calling Eric Holder every morning to get details on every single fucking case in front of the Justice department and picking and choosing who to prosecute. Yet, every time Greenwald mentions any prosecutions, he HAS to directly blame President Obama. Maybe he’s just confused about what job Barack Obama has. Here is one example of how Glenn plays his game, because you know President Obama is so much like Dick Cheney, cough, spit, choke…this starts with a quote from James Risen and then Glenn injects his craziness…

Risen: I was told by a reliable source that Vice President Dick Cheney pressured the Justice Department to personally target me because he was unhappy with my reporting and wanted to see me in jail.

Greenwald: As it has in so many other instances, the¬†Obama administration appears on the verge of fulfilling Dick¬†Cheney’s nefarious wish beyond what even Cheney could achieve.

I guess in Glenn’s simple brain, Eric Holder should have dropped any cases started in the previous administration, just wipe the slate clean. Glenn really can’t be that fucking stupid, can he? He uses whatever he can to attack President Obama directly, taking every action of every person in his administration and blaming the President for it. Could it be that because of 8 years of Bush’s appointing of completely incompetent, agenda driven trolls, that maybe that has something to do with more leaking of atrocities perpetuated by the previous administration and thus more prosecutions? Could it be that more people are leaking than ever before? Could it be that with thumb drives being a dime a dozen and easily tucked in your pocket, that maybe it is easier for people to copy information and then distribute it with a click of a button on the computer? And could it be that in our information age where people have much greater access to information, that maybe that has something to do with the amount of leaks that have occurred.

One person’s leak is another person’s whistleblowing. Who gets to decide which is which? Is it Glenn Greenwald? Maybe the President should just check with Glenn every time someone is caught leaking information from our government. Or maybe we should just stop prosecuting all leakers, making our government secrets available to all, come one, come all. On the face, Glenn Greenwald and Jane Mayer’s assertion and assigning of motives to President Obama is completely naive to the way our system works. When a law is broken, the justice department investigates. They gather information and determine if they have a case and whether the law applies. It’s kind of like their job. If the Justice department didn’t pursue cases against leaks (whether they fit the whistleblowing criteria or not) they would be derelict in their duties. Since when does the justice department not prosecute people who have broken the law, even when they may have revealed horrible atrocities and like I said, who gets to decide what is a leak and what is a whistle being blown? Maybe Glenn can provide a service to the government and pick and chose which ones he thinks should be prosecuted, since I’m sure he is privy to all the evidence that Eric Holder and his dedicated team of prosecutors have access to. I’m sure Glenn, because he practiced law for sooooo long and was sooooo successful, is better able to make those determinations than these respected, accomplished lawyers in the Justice department.

Glenn Greenwald has an agenda and will use whatever he can get his hands on and twist it, exaggerate it, lie about it and assign motives to that bad man in the White House whenever anyone in his administration does anything that Glenn thinks can be used to attack. The man has some serious issues and I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it. The curtain is being pulled back on you Glenn.

End rant.