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Hillary Clinton Reacts To Rand Paul – “Turkey?” (Animated Gif)


February 1, 2013 Posted by | Animated Gif, Politics | , , , , | 1 Comment

Some Quick Hits From Around The Internets, But Please Don’t Inhale!

I’ve posted many times about polls on this blog, having some schooling in the subject. Now the pollsters are polling about polls.

And if you missed our awesome President on 60 minutes, JM Ashby put it up here to watch. You really should watch it, much more reliable than the media filters.

All the discussion about Hillary in that Situation Room photo, well, how about we just remove her from the picture like this newspaper did.

I totally agree with this, why doesn’t Andrew Breitbart just get a job already.

Wow, is Bill Maher trying to get attention using a racial slur and stereotype?

Check out some more great photos from the parade and protest in Benton Harbor, Michigan on Saturday.

And last, but not least, what fun would a Monday be without calling out Glenn Greenwald on his bullshit?

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