Wisconsin Republicans, You Are Going Down!

The first thing I want to say about what happened in Wisconsin last night is to all those firebaggers, Jane Hamsher, Cenk Uygur, Taylor Marsh, Glenn Greenwald, Arianna Huffington and the rest of the haters who encouraged democrats to stay home last November….FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID “CLICK-GRUBBING” ASSHOLES!

The next thing I want to say is to Scott Walker and the Republicans in Wisconsin…THANK YOU, for firing up Democrats and reminding them why elections matter. After winning the presidency and controlling both houses in 2008, Democratic voters got complacent, thought that their job was over and with the help of the above mentioned firebaggers, started carping and nitpicking what the newly empowered Democratic politicians were doing…not helping or prodding or encouraging…no, they started criticizing, nitpicking, being IMPATIENT and undermining the only party that ever stands up for people. DUMB FUCKS! The result of that carping was to help the Republicans and their media strategy. Instead of having democratic pundits on cable news helping to promote progressive ideas, they did just the opposite. It was a virtual “pig-pile” on the president with supposed progressives polluting my television with their petty squabbles over details while the Republicans steamrolled their warped narrative into the public sphere.

And what did we get for it, an off-year election that swept a bunch of wingnuts into office who are now exacting their evil on the citizens. Elections matter!

Now let’s look at what happened last night in Wisconsin, it is pretty wild…if you don’t see your democracy crumbling before your eyes, you need glasses, seriously.

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I”m tempted to jump in my car and head over to Wisconsin to help in the fight. This will be a wake up call to all good Democrats and Independents who value our democracy. I think the Republicans will look back on last nights events with profound regret. You are going down!