A Saturday Morning Collection Of Good Reads

Joy Reid at The Reid Report sees a pattern in Andrew Breitbart’s victims.

GET INVOLVED and volunteer for the effort to recall Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder. Go to Eclectablog to stay informed.

And you may have heard the criticism from some in the gay community about this guy who was discharged under DADT during the process of changing the law. Well, it turns out he wanted to get out.

If you missed this great essay on Clarence Thomas and the original “Weinergate”, go check it out. I wonder who made that cool photo?

I came across this great article about our friend Cornel West and his insults towards our fabulous first lady, Michelle Obama.

For those people playing games with statistics and unemployment rates, trying to predict the 2012 election, they really shouldn’t underestimate President Barack Obama. Trying to bend statistics to do what you want may be fun, but you have to wonder if people believe that everything happens according to the way they’ve happened in the past. Are they trying to force a pattern on everything, thus, making it easier to understand? Dana Houle at Rooted Cosmopolitan breaks down the latest numbers game.

I usually try to ignore anything Sarah Palin, she is playing the country like a cheap violin. But her history lessons are getting pretty funny, I hope she keeps going, she may have enough to write a book, “American: Only In The Mind Of Sarah Palin”.

Enjoy your Saturday, I’m going to fire up my new push mower and work on the riding mower, it needs a good sharpening and greasing.