Citizenship, Smitizenship – Lieberman’s Crazy Idea, Even Glenn Beck Can’t Go There!

The Obama administration had a great response to Joseph Lieberman’s latest batshit crazy idea. From ABS News, I love it…

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs today indicated no one in the White House supports the legislation introduced today by Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., that would give the State Department the power to revoke the citizenship of American terrorism suspects.

“I have not heard anybody inside the administration that’s been supportive of that idea,” Gibbs said.

That idea, of course, is to strip the citizenship of anyone “associating” with terrorist organizations. Here is a little more from ABC News.

Lieberman offered the legislation today along with Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., and Reps. Jason Altmire, D-Penn., and Charlie Dent, R-Penn, which would add to the existing federal statute, 8 U.S.C. § 1481, which identifies seven categories of actions for which U.S. citizens lose their citizenship. The legislation, called the Terrorist Expatriation Act, would authorize the State Department to revoke the citizenship of any U.S. national who provides material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization or who engages in or supports hostilities against the United States or its allies.

Ah, the ole “material support or resources” wording, nice and vague. You know, perfect for taking away even more rights. Is it just me or is the party that has wingnuts screaming about freedom the party that seems intent on taking them away. And I include Joe Lieberman in the Republican party, by the way. He’s been with them for quite a while and playing the democrats like a cheap violin.

Here are responses from Senator John McCain and Rep. Peter King courtesy of Think Progress.

– “I think obviously that [mirandizing Shahzad] would be a serious mistake until we’ve — at least until we find out as much information as we have, and there are ways — legal ways — of delaying that.” — Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

– “I hope that [Attorney General Eric] Holder did discuss this with the intelligence community. If they believe they got enough from him, how much more should they get? Did they Mirandize him? I know he’s an American citizen but still.” — Rep. Peter King (R-NY)

This story really gets completely bizarre, it’s like a twilight zone. Glenn Beck and Fox’s Legal guy Judge Andrew Napolitano actually think that the Times Square bumbler should be mirandized. From Think Progress again, emphasis mine…

This morning on Fox and Friends, Napolitano said that Shahzad needed to be mirandized, and Beck added, “He’s a citizen of the United States, so I say we uphold the laws and the Constitution on citizens.” When Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade interjected, “But he’s a threat to the country. That’s different,” Beck responded, “So are a lot of citizens of the country. … We don’t shred the Constitution when it’s popular.”

I can’t believe I’m actually embedding a clip from Fox News…..I’m telling you this story is just weird (I hope the clip plays better for you than it did for me, GO HERE for Media Matters version it actually plays).