Give It Back Big Oil – President Obama Proposes Rolling Back Tax Breaks to Big Oil

Hell ya. Stick it to those bastards. Dick Cheney is probably hyperventilating and dreaming up his next attack, through his daughter. This story is from Raw Story, here is a piece of it.

President Barack Obama says it’s time to roll back “billions of dollars in tax breaks” for oil companies and use the money for clean energy research and development.Obama made the comments Wednesday in prepared remarks for a speech at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

He said the catastrophic Gulf oil spill shows the country must move toward clean energy by embracing energy efficiency, tapping natural gas and nuclear power and eliminating tax breaks for big oil.

Obama said that the Gulf spill “may prove to be a result of human error – or corporations taking dangerous shortcuts that compromised safety” – but that deepwater drilling is inherently risky and America cannot rely solely on fossil fuels.

He also vowed to make a new bid to push energy legislation through Congress, saying the US oil “catastrophe” showed America could no longer be hostage to fossil fuels.

Oh the heads are spinning at Faux News, they will try to ramp up their call for impeachment because of the Sestak thing, fine, spin your wheels you idiot Republicans. I hope you all obsess over this non-story and until the election, us Democrats will offer solutions while you all play your little games. A word of advice, you already have the nuts on your side, maybe you should try to attract the “non-nuts” in the country, I’m just saying.