Highlights From President Obama’s Interview On ABC

I’ll let the President speak for himself in this post. If people listen to him without filtering it through their hatred, racism or sore-loser glasses, you can clearly see that President Obama is the exact person who should be leading our country. There is no other politician that even comes close to being as qualified to lead our country. I know I’ll be called an Obot or Obamaton or any number of junior high school names that the haters have for us. I don’t really care, to be honest. Here are the highlights, as I read them…(emphasis mine)

George Stephanopoulos: You said it would lead to a fundamentally different America.

President Obama: Well, and I think that’s absolutely true.  If you set revenues at around 16 percent of our gross domestic product, then what flows from it is exactly what Mr. Ryan’s proposing.  70 percent cuts in clean energy.  25 percent cuts in education.  We cut transportation spending by a third.  And we end Medicare as we know it, fundamentally.  I mean, that– that’s just– that– but that’s a fact.


George Stephanopoulos: And you were so forceful on that.  And you said, “As long as you’re President, you’re not going to sign any deal where the taxes don’t go up on the wealthy.”  Republicans have been just as hard-lined on the other side.  How do you reconcile those two visions?

President Obama: …(cut) So, we get to that $4 trillion without having to fundamentally change Medicare.  Without having to abandon our commitment to parents who have kids who are autistic or you know, those of us who have parents who– who may end up being in a nursing home and can’t afford the care. Without abandoning our commitment to investments in things like transportation or education that are going to help us create jobs and economic growth over the long term.  So– but– the– what I wanted to do yesterday, and I– I think I did successfully is to make very clear to the American people that we have a choice.  We can’t get everything the government offers and not pay for it.  And I think everybody agrees on that. And so, we have two choices.  Either we don’t pay for it.  In which case we have a– society that is not caring for our seniors the way it should, is not providing some basic security for people who really need it, and is not investing in the future.  Or we can decide to continue on the path that has made us the greatest country on earth.  Make those investments.  Have a basic social safety net.  And we can do it without hurting the middle class–

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