Molly Ivins Debunks Marco Rubio From The Grave RE: 9/11 Blame!

This is the first of what I’m calling Extreme Tidbits. Short pieces on politics and I just like the word tidbits. :)

Watching Marco Rubio blame President Clinton for 9/11 in last nights Republican debate reminded me of a speech I saw by the late, great Molly Ivins, not long before her death.

She told a story about a conversation she had with President Clinton. How is that for a name drop? It was about the meeting President Clinton had with the incoming president George W. Bush on inauguration day. This is from memory, so don’t quote me. She told how Bill warned W. that he would spend a lot of his time worrying about this guy named Osama bin Laden. Bush’s response, according to Molly Ivins, was dismissive and went something like, no, Iraq is the real problem I will need to deal with.

The rest is history, isn’t it?


Racism And Politics Are More Powerful Than Patriotism!

Watch out, I’m about to rant. Profanity warning!!!

What – In – The – Fuck is wrong with this fucking country that the racists and right-wing partisans (one in the same) can actually protest the President of the United States going to ground zero after having killed the man responsible for the attacks of 9/11. I think I’ve lost any sliver of respect I had for these assholes who are obviously driven by their fucking racist hatred for our first black president. There can be no other reason.

Remember back to 9/11 when the whole country rallied around our one president, after the most contentious election in modern times. Democrats weren’t partisan, they stood behind President Bush, even if they had to hold their noses. There was no criticism from anyone that got any attention. I’m sure there was some out there, but they didn’t get paraded on the cable news shows to undermine our one and only President. I am so fucking disgusted with this bullshit that just keeps pouring out of the right-wing and the media, who are their enablers, and in many cases are the driving force behind it. Only after the Bush administration decided to use the event to push their stupid ass agenda of owning Iraq for no fucking reason at all, did the left start to ask serious questions, based in fact I have to say, not the lies and innuendo that drives the GOP these days.

I’ve written before about how up until the election of President Barack Obama, national security has always been pretty much a non-partisan affair. It used to be that politicians never criticized our country on foreign soil, it was not done. Not anymore, the extreme hatred for President Obama has obliterated that concept and many others. The wingnuts who are now running the GOP have no shame, no honor and in my opinion are unpatriotic and should be thrown on the stinking waste pile along with their new ideological leader, Donald Trump.

I hope the President gives a speech that shames those motherfuckers back into their rat holes and exposes their unpatriotic, shameless, racist asses for the whole world to see.

Justice For The Families and Friends Of The Victims Of 9/11

Like many people with consciences, I have mixed feelings about cheering the death of an individual, it just doesn’t feel right in many ways. But when I look back on that day in 2001 when I was out painting the trim on my garage and my wife came out and said, “you better come in here” and I did. We had some contractors at the house too and invited them in to watch what was happening. I still remember talking to my wife as I was watching the television and seeing the first tower start to collapse, we all let out an audible gasp. I remember thinking, oh my god, how many people were still in that building. It was horrifying, a memory that will never fade.

I think about walking around in a daze for the next couple of weeks, how the campus I work at was somber, everyone walked around stunned. We had a vigil at the clock tower on that day and classes were optional for the next two days. Counseling was available to students, faculty and staff. I think about how I was glad my mother wasn’t alive to see this, she had passed just a year before. It would have been devastating to her, as someone who served her country in World War II and worked at the Pentagon, where one of the attacks occurred.

So as I think back to those days, I have a larger context for what is happening with the celebrations. As a country, we were all attacked on 9/11 and even though I have never been a person who thinks revenge is justice, I can’t help but feel closure as an American. I can’t help but feel joy for those families who watched the same live coverage that I did, knowing that a family member may very well be in those buildings. I can’t help but be relieved that this man will never order another attack, will never kill an innocent person, will no longer be able to put out a video tape our audio tape gloating about his killing of innocent people.