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quote of the day

From Alan Grayson on Real Time with Bill Maher. It was in regards to the Arizona law and the tea party in general. I may be paraphrasing, go Alan….

“This is the death rattle of racism”

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Quote of the Day

From Real Time with Bill Maher regarding the Tea Party protesters who think their taxes have been raised too much.

“Why let the truth get in the way of a perfectly good Klan rally”

April 28, 2010 Posted by | Racism, Republican Party, Tea Party | 2 Comments

We Are All Real Americans!

Republicans and many conservatives who no longer call themselves Republican live in a fantasy world that they have created and to some extent, the media has nurtured. I’ve typed before about how the pundits across the spectrum like to talk about what the American people want, usually based on a poll that often has questionable methodologies. For example, I saw a report the other day that said the president’s approval rating is at an all time low of 44%. It was a CBS poll and I had to scratch my head because I had heard other poll results that had him around 50% and higher in some. I saw the reason on the graphic on the screen, no explanation from the anchor, but 15% answered “Don’t Know”. Ahhhhh, the perfect example of how a question can yield different results depending on how it is asked. Those 15% who don’t know are the difference between claiming he is at an all time low and the actual number of people who voted for him in 2008, which was 53%.

This post isn’t about polls though, it’s about how Republicans want to distinguish between “real Americans” and the those who don’t really matter that much. Amanda over at Pandagon has an excellent post that I’m going to share with you. She sums it up better than I ever could.

Digby is amused/disgusted at conservatives who simply will not accept that having a majority in both houses of Congress and having the Presidency means that Democrats get to pass legislation.  It’s been a common theme—making arguments about how “the people” don’t want this, arguments that imply that the Democrats got power by sneaking in and taking it without anyone noticing.

This next paragraph is where she nails it, in my opinion.

Well, it’s simple, really.  They assume, if they don’t state it outright, that large numbers of American voters shouldn’t have the right to vote.  That’s the implicit argument when Sarah Palin praises white rural voters as “Real Americans”, when Birthers obsess over the idea that the first black President simply can’t be eligible for office, when tea baggers yell racist and homophobic slurs at politicians, and when they insist that you eliminate black voters from the count if you want to find out how popular a politician “really” is. When Bart Stupak laughed out loud at the very idea that nuns have opinions worth listening to–and listed a bunch of men whose opinions were the ones that counted–you had a similar sentiment being expressed.  Universal suffrage seems like a fundamental part of democracy to liberals, but it appears that conservatives think it de-legitimizes the results of elections.  And that if you do something without Republicans on board, you’re eliminating those who represent the only people who count.

This phenomenon was perpetuated by the media during the election too, remember all the polls that were broken down by race. It was very obvious to me the prejudice being displayed by these “journalists” who acted like it was a real problem for President Obama. Some called it a white gap. Well, let me push back against these idiots, if you separate out the African American vote from any democratic candidate, guess what, you get the same results. African Americans see the democratic party as the only one that takes them into consideration, is concerned about issues that effect them. But my point is that they are just as much “American” as any in our country. While the media might have been wrapping themselves up in polls and demographics, they were not so subtly reinforcing the idea that some people matter more than others. You wonder where the anger comes from on the right, it’s because they really don’t accept that a black man can actually be president of the United States of America. Unpatriotic Mother-fuckers.

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Republican Violence In The Name of God!

The holier than thou Republicans are showing their true colors with their latest violent actions and rhetoric. Here is a clip from Countdown with Keith Olbermann, hosted by Larry O’Donnell.

What is wrong with this picture when people who supposedly value the “sanctity of life” hurl death threats and wish death upon people because of a vote to help mostly poor people get access to health care. Are these “good Christians” saying this shit? Religion in this country has become so bastardized, especially since they’ve infiltrated politics, that they actually seem to justify their violent actions and rhetoric with their religious beliefs. Gihad anyone? These are the real terrorists within our country. Let’s lock them up and waterboard them, give them a taste of their own medicine. Arghhhhhhhhh.

March 25, 2010 Posted by | Health Care Reform, Politics, Racism, Republican Party, The Repugnant Party | 2 Comments

The Death of the Tea Party, A Day of Celebration!

Lee Papa, The Rude Pundit often says it better than anyone and he nails it on the head again with this piece about the future of the Tea Party. Here is my favorite part of his excellent post.

Here’s what’s going to happen after the vote on the reconciliation bill in the House on Sunday: Almost every Tea Partier who was out there protesting will go the fuck away. They will devote whatever energy they have left to posting comments on blogs and Facebook pages. Their leaders, desperate to still be relevant and still draw a paycheck, will try to come up with some other phantom issue to whip up enthusiasm. But once it passes, no one will give a shit except the people it helps. The Civil War won’t be re-fought. The Constitution won’t be shredded. One or two states might try to force their misinterpretation of the 10th Amendment. Soon, Beck and Hannity and Michele Bachmann and Steve King will discover another Republic-ending crisis, probably immigration reform, and we’ll start the magical cycle all over again.

Meanwhile, those poor, ignorant bitches and bastards in the photo up there will shuffle home, curse the process, and, like good corporate tools, continue to suck down fast food and sodas and buy shit they don’t need because it’s cheaply made in China and sold at Wal-Mart and proudly drive gas-devouring vehicles and keep their children stupid and tell themselves that they aren’t the problem, no, they are the solution, wondering how to fill the desperate couple of hours between the end of Limbaugh’s radio show and the start of Beck’s TV rants, despising those who are attempting to do something for them and their neighbors, wondering where their country went, when, after all, this is where it’s gone.

Is immigration the next issue to get the racist, hateful, unpatriotic tea partiers riled up? Seems like a good fit for their agenda.

March 22, 2010 Posted by | Health Care Reform, Racism, Republican Party, The Repugnant Party | 3 Comments

Should We Believe Halperin and Heilemann?

The duo who loves to go on Morning Joe and feed Joe the beast with insider political gossip are all the rage these days with their new book Game Change. It looks like many in the media are eating it up and spitting it back out. Liz Cheney is appauled at Harry Reid using the word Negro, I’m sure it comes from her deep seated hatred of racism in general, it has to be. I’m not really surprised by what is attributed to Harry Reid, doesn’t surprise me at all. Of course President Obama is going to forgive him for his insensitive comments, that’s our president’s style after all. What fascinates me the most about this particular issue is the reaction from Republicans, it raises that question I think needs to be applied to many issues the media trumpets, “so what?” I wonder what is behind their pushing of this story, is it to show that democrats are racist too, so it’s OK for republicans to be racist?

There are many other comments by others including Bill Clinton that will get a lot of traction too, specifically racially tinged comments when talking to Ted Kennedy. The media is going to pound these stories to death, I just know it. But I want someone to ask “so what?” They will put this all out there to linger, but won’t ever tell us why it is important that we know it. I think all sides of the issues need to stop and think about why they are pushing the story, what difference does it make, why should we care? I guess for those who think we’ve transcended race, it will be a reminder that we haven’t and for those who are racist, they can take comfort in knowing they aren’t the only ones…..see, those liberals are racist too.

Let the republican hypocrisy begin. There is already pushback against the book, which sounds more like a gossip rag than an actual book. Check out these posts on the subject.



White Noise Insanity

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