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Quote of the Day – It’s a great one!

Jay Smooth on Up With Chris in response to Romney’s birther moment:

“He was cleaning his dog whistle and it just went off!”

Sums up the Romney line very concisely.

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Quote of the Week

Tweeted by @TweetEverstrong (not sure if she/he is the author)

Conservatism: The notion that all Americans will be rich just as soon as

the poor and middle classes stop hoarding all the money.


July 5, 2011 Posted by | Quote of the Week | 3 Comments

Quote of the Week – Bob and Elvis

This quote of the week is from the Bob and Elvis Show Podcast, a must have for anyone who likes liberal politics and hilarity.

Bob – Meanwhile they’re running up against a president who is…just kicking ass. Elvis – Oh, he’s kicking all kinds of ass. Bob – Call me an Obamabot, I don’t give a shit anymore. This guy…you look at the last three years, what he has accomplished and then you put…I mean the icing on the cake was bin Laden, of course and that’s a lot of icing. Elvis – That is a shit-ton of icing.”

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