photos of the day – dramatic skies

Photos by Extreme Liberal


The Debt Ceiling – Someone Wake Me When It’s Over!

How many times are they going to say the same thing over and over on the Republican manufactured crisis and game of chicken they are playing with our economy? I’m tuned out, here are some photos from my iPhone from the last few weeks. Happy Sunday, enjoy the summer while it is still here, I’ve gotten notices of fall semester faculty meetings already. Ugh!

This first one is a panoramic photo of the sky on Thursday night. It is made up of 6 different shots on my phone. Click on it for a larger version.

This next shot is through the screen of a window at a Panavision 35mm film camera, ahhhhhh, real film.

This one is my granddaughter floating in a pool.

Here is another nice sky from last week.

It’s pretty cool working on a college campus, you see things like this on professors doors.

Photos by Extreme Liberal

Need A Break From Politics?

I have been sick to my stomach for the last week over all the crap going on in our political world. I’m serious. It is depressing the hell out of me seeing this “Lord of the Flies” bullshit happening in Washington. I’ve attempted to write about it, but gave up. Here are some lovely photos to heal the wounds. Enjoy!

Photos by Extreme Liberal

Sunday Photo Fun – Mostly Macro Edition

I took these four photos yesterday out in the yard. I’m blessed to have a wife who is an advanced master gardener and that I live in my dream home, with my dream yard, in my dream location. I’m sure glad I live in Michigan where you can own a paradise for so little money. And even though winters are long and suck, this time of year all the way through fall, when the leaves paint the scenery with bright colors, make living in Michigan worth it. Someday, I might be able to get away in winter, but I will always keep my paradise. I’ll get back to blogging later, heading out for a walk to the lake, with camera. :)

All photos by Extreme Liberal and free for the taking, for a higher resolution version, just ask.