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What I Would Love To Hear President Obama Say!

The other morning on “Morning Assholes Who Talk Shit”, I heard the spin artist Joe Scarborough get his panties all in a bunch because the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson cancelled her appearance at a democratic fundraiser just one day before it happened. I’ve also heard the media criticize President Obama for playing golf or going to Chicago for Memorial Day. How can they go on with anything in their lives while the oil is still leaking? I wonder if all these critics are stopping everything in their lives while this is going on. Should the whole world just stop until the oil leak is plugged up? Is this similar to John McCain suspending his campaign during the election?

I can just hear President Obama say…

I am suspending my administration until the oil leak is stopped. I will give endless speeches trying to console the media who can’t seem to take their eyes off that little video feed at the bottom of their TV. I will pound my fist on the table for James Carville. I will swear at BP for Keith Olbermann and I will not try to figure out how this might have happened, that would be blaming Bush and we can’t have that now, can we? I will make appearances on every morning news show, except Morning Joe, I’m sorry but they are just idiots. I will be available for the local noon news and cry on queue, maybe Glenn Beck can give me some pointers. I will sit down with Oprah and talk about my feelings, maybe I’ll jump up and down on her couch, she seems to like that. I now admit that I don’t like getting calls at 3 am and I’ve asked Hillary to answer them from now on, it’s usually Vladimir Putin after a half gallon of vodka anyway. But most of all, I will not do a damn thing else for this country until that spill is stopped and every last drop of oil is cleaned up from the gulf, you go create some fucking jobs, you deal with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, you go clean up the two fucking messes that Bush/Cheney propagated on me in the middle east but didn’t pay for and then stuck me with the bill. You try to pass a climate change bill or repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (and I’m talking to you Greenwald and Aravosis) and you try to roll back all the Bush/Cheney infringement on our basic human rights. I’m getting in a submarine and going down to fix that motherfucking leak.”

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Getting Ahead of the Story

I’ve heard Chuck Todd on MSNBC use the saying “they have to get ahead of the story” in reference to the oil spill in the Gulf, but he says it about everything. That expression bothers the hell out of me because it turns everything into just a freakin story. It goes along with the whole symbolism crap that everyone, including democrats, are clamoring for. President Obama is heading down there again but how much do you want to bet that same freaking media is going to accuse him of bowing to pressure (from them) to show he cares. Isn’t that convenient for them, manufacture a meme and then exploit it. Pretty slick.

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It’s All About The Optics!

So really, it’s photo ops that we really need, huh, idiot media. It’s crazy to me how so many in the media will come right out and admit that there isn’t much the White House can do that it isn’t already doing, but the President needs to show us he cares – give us a good photo-op, maybe some crocodile tears. It plays right into the media’s obsession with public opinion, moods, the finger-in-the-wind mentality. Joe Scarborough just said he wants to see theatrics, he came right out and proved my point that it’s all about the theatrics. Maureen Dowd and others wrote about the same subject this weekend. How is it that the media can make this about Obama when the real story is how we got to this point. What caused this bullshit? Bob Cesca pointed us to this post from Balloon Juice which summed up a lot of my feelings. (emphasis mine)

Look, I know that we face many difficult challenges. A lot of things have gone wrong and more will go wrong. This is to be expected because Republicans have been in charge for most of the last four decades.

Do you really think that you could have Anti-Government Republicans in charge for 30 plus years and actively working to destroy the infrastructure of government without causing system failures? If you do, then you are living in candy land (or a tea infused lotus dream).

The oil spill in the gulf is is just another result of snorting deregulation fairy dust with a Markets-Are-God hi-ball chaser night after night for decades. When you let industry capture regulators and dismantle effective governance, you guarantee a catastrophic failure. The spill is evidence of this, so was that mining disaster in West Virginia, same thing when it comes to that financial meltdown and the same thing will be true when the next system fails.

And when it does, like idiots, we will not blame the failed philosophy of the modern Conservative movement. Nope, we will blame President Obama, liberals and Democrats—because that is what we are used to doing. More than that, we will ignore facts and worry whether or not the optics of the response are right. We will all ask: is he yelling loud enough yet?

The idiot media just plays right along with it. I’ve certainly heard a few news reports about the deregulation and coziness with regulators that lead to this mess but for the most part the media has devolved into it’s process, political implication mode. I’m glad that President Obama isn’t about theatrics, even though I seem to remember his opponents (both dem and rep) trying to paint him as ONLY about theatrics, giving a good speech etc. That is campaign mode, when speeches…..well, that’s what you do when you are trying to get elected and President Obama did it very well. Governing is quite different. President Reagan ushered in the era of photo ops, stage craft, Hollywood, strategically place props such as military officers, babies, American flags, victims of whatever tragedy is current. Subsequent administrations including Clinton continued that tradition and took it to new levels. President Bush, of course, took it to its logical conclusion with his Mission Accomplished photo-op that will live on as an example of how stagecraft really is fake, Xanax for the masses. Now I know that if President Obama were down there everyday, screaming at the cameras, giving the press its photo-op, that they would accuse him of using the tragedy for a photo-op, for political purposes. I can just hear the outcry from the Republicans and Hamsher and the gang about how he is all symbolism, he should be back at the White House taking care of business. It doesn’t really matter what the president does, the media will find something to criticize the him for – always about process. Hell, they get all worked up about the man going to see his daughter play soccer without them, damn, they missed a fucking photo-op.

Some advice to President Obama from Extreme Liberal – fuck em, keep doing your job, stay focused on the important issues, don’t cave in to the idiot media. They don’t have your best interests at heart. It’s very similar to listening to Republicans giving campaign advice to Democrats, I don’t think they are really too concerned about you. That symbolism bullshit is for the simple-minded, mostly the media, getting shit done is for the rest of us. I always want to say to assholes like Ed Henry, Wolf Blitzer or Joe Scarborough….when you get elected president, you come talk to me….until then, piss off. These assholes pretend like they know more than everyone, they are the real authorities and the president must bow to their gathering of opinions with a 4.7% margin of error. They decide what is most important for the president to do, not the person who actually ran and was elected President of the United States of America. I’ve said it before, I would love it if the president didn’t run again, take the wind out of the sails of the “what political implications will this have for 2012” crowd.

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Scarborough Defends John Ensign’s Behavior!

Joe Scarborough sometimes lets his true feelings out and when he does, he just keeps digging and digging and digging himself into a bigger hole. The other morning he took on the defense of John Ensign, the Senator from Nevada who got caught having an affair with an aid and even worse, got caught paying them off. This story has been bizarre from the start with Ensign refusing to resign and vowing to run again. I suppose in Nevada, paying someone off is just the cost of doing business and of course an affair…Here is a little background on the good senator from Nevada from the New York Times

At a black-tie Christmas party at the White House in 2006, Mr. Ensign and Ms. Hampton beamed as they posed for a picture with President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura. It was that night that he realized that his feelings toward Ms. Hampton had become romantic, Mr. Ensign later admitted to Mr. Hampton, according to Mr. Hampton.

A year later, during what Mr. Ensign said was a difficult time in his marriage, Mr. Hampton intercepted a text message from his boss to his wife that made plain that their relationship had become intimate. “It was such a betrayal,” Mr. Hampton said.

There were heated confrontations, tearful admissions, promises to end the affair, even joint family meetings that included the couples’ children. Still, the relationship continued.

So even after all the tearful admissions and bullshit he kept on doing it. He should feel fortunate that his buddy Joe Scarborough spent a good five minutes defending Mr. Ensign and accusing Tom Harkin of playing politics with it. I’m sure Joe would say he wasn’t defending his behavior and that he is just pointing out the politics of the situation, well when it comes to ethics violations, generally unethical behavior transcends party affiliation…..lots of democrats have had them and it seems like Joe doesn’t always jump to their defense but rather rubs salt in their wounds with his innuendo and that smirk on his smug face. His shtick is to pretend like he’s a straight shooter because he might agree with the democrats once in a while and he criticizes his fellow idiot Republicans once in a while too. His is the worst kind of bullshit.

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Polls Are For Lazy Journalists!

It used to be that lazy journalists only used polls during election season, now they have just extended the election season so they can be lazy year round. Anyone with a brain knows that numbers can be interpreted many different ways, polling methodologies are vastly different and the margin of error is an important little detail that hardly gets spoken of. Having studied communications research for my masters degree, it drives me nuts to see lazy journalists spouting off about polls when they really have no clue about it. The thing that really drives me nuts is when the margin of error is +/- 4.7% or something close to that. That is a 9.4% swing……uh, that leaves a lot of wiggle room in how people really feel. When the margin of error gets closer to +/- 3%, then you are getting closer to being accurate, but you still have a 6% swing and when journalists or politicians make a claim like “the American people want this….” and they are using figures like 53% for 47% against, well then it’s really a toss up, right?

So if 53% believe one thing or another, do the 47% not matter at all. “The American people want….”, as soon as they make that claim, the minority of 47% or 49% for that matter become invisible. It is much more nuanced than that and for journalists to use those figures to exclude people or marginalize them is just plain wrong. People aren’t numbers, they live and breathe and are affected by decisions, whether they are in the majority or minority. Sometimes the minority need representation too, if we are to claim to be a civilized society.

The whole idea of polling the American public constantly as if we govern by referendum is a bastardization of our political system. There are a lot of reasons why our founding fathers formed our system of government the way they did. I think the health care issue is a prime example of why we don’t rule by referendum. People who have health care and are happy with it, shouldn’t have the power to prevent those who don’t have it from getting it. In this case, the minority needs representation, needs advocates that can represent their interests.

I also have a problem with poll questions that ask the public to be political analysts. Questions like “Do you think the president will win re-election in 2012?”. To be honest, I don’t really give a shit what the mostly uninformed public think might happen in 2 and 1/2 years. Who fucking cares? What purpose does that question serve other than as a crutch for a lazy journalist to spin it the way they want just to get an easy story or soundbite? It’s bad enough having to listen to paid political analysts who spout bullshit and are never accountable for being wrong, now we have to listen to even less informed opinions from people who are watching the Kardashians and American Idle in their spare time.

I have to wonder why polling organizations don’t use bigger samples, the technology allows for it? If they were to get samples of even 2000 instead of the standard 700 – 900 people, they could give much more accurate numbers (I still argue that it doesn’t matter when not near an election). If they had a larger sample, when they break it down into sub groups, those numbers would be more accurate as well. Example, of the Republicans responding to this question, 45% believed this or that. Well, once you start breaking out these numbers, the accuracy drops considerably. But that doesn’t stop journalists from using those inaccurate numbers to bolster there slant on the subject. It gives cover to lazy journalists.

I guess it is futile for me to bitch about it, journalists aren’t going to change and in fact are probably only going to get worse. They’ve been getting away with it for years and have taken it to a whole new level. Hell, Morning Joe on MSNBC wouldn’t have anything to talk about if they didn’t have the latest poll results.

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Morning Propoganda With Mika!

Wow, another Morning Joe that had a clear “propoganda agenda”… to equalize the hatred and rhetoric coming from the Republican leaders, trying to say that both sides are doing it. It just blows me away that there are so many defenders of violent extremists. Pat Buchanan did his part to justify it by reminding us all of the riots after the Rodney King verdict, hmmmm, why would he refer to that, which wasn’t a political issue, but rather a social justice issue. Why would he pit this primarily racial issue against what is going on today? What could be his reason, hmmmm?

Mika tried desperately to equate the death threat on Eric Cantor with all the violence and violent rhetoric coming from the right. She actually attempted to say it is worse, because she hasn’t heard the same type of threats from the right. WHAAAA? Did she miss the whole Stupak phone message story last week? Did she miss the fact that the nut who threatened Cantor also threatened Obama, Pelosi and Reid? Or did she conveniently forget those minor details in an effort to pretend like they all do it. I haven’t seen anything about that nut that says he is on the left, he appears to just be a nut.

Bob Cesca posted about this morning show too, here is a bit from it…

I can show you dozens of incidents on the right for every one incident on the left (I’m being generous). Find me an A-list politician on the left who is referring to Republicans using firearms lingo, as Sarah Palin has. Find me groups of protesters on the left who are waving racist banners, or carrying signs threatening gun violence. Find me someone on the left who has violently lashed out.

I heard a show on NPR, On Point, that took on this subject yesterday. The Republican defender of violence they had on was trying desperately to equate the rhetoric during the Bush years as similar to what’s going on today. He could only come up with a couple of instances, one being hanging Bush in effigy. Now how he equates a radical at a protest with an outrageous prop to the leaders of the Republican Party stoking violence, using weapons language, tyranny, armageddon, the end of freedom, reload, arm yourselves, rise up….this certainly is quite different than a protester carrying a crazy prop. The other example this guy had was the left calling Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld war criminals. If they shoe fits, wear it. The major difference here would be liberals were calling for investigations, you know, using the legal system to punish wrong doing. I don’t remember those crazy liberals calling for arming themselves or calling for insurrection. We mobilized voters and took over the congress in 2006 and the presidency in 2008. Of course the Republican response to that is to delegitimize his presidency, block every bill, use every procedure to stop anything from happening.

I have to believe that this tactic that the Republicans and their defenders are using is going to turn off a lot of moderates. It may play with the base who have bought the right wing bullshit from the talkers, but I doubt that all those moderate folks agree with them on this issue. Let’s hope they aren’t buying, anyway.

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Peggy Noonan Gets Challenged and Her Head Explodes!

I saw this live the other morning and my love for Anthony Weiner grew even more, he is so good at ripping Republican talking points and batting down the bullshit.  I’ve watched it several times, I love it so much. And I’m glad Howard Dean came to his senses and is now helping to promote the bill, even though it isn’t perfect, he understands the politics of it…..if if fails, the democrats lose any mandate that might be left and more than likely lose control of one or both of the houses of congress in November. ANY TRUE LIBERAL OR PROGRESSIVE MUST SUPPORT THIS BILL IF THEY CARE AT ALL ABOUT THE PROGRESSIVE AGENDA! Roll tape……(there is some commentary from whoever posted this, it’s good though).

In the longer version, it’s pretty funny that Peggy Noonan and Scarborough whine about Anthony yelling or raising his voice. Joe S. never does that, no, he never talks over people in a loud voice, he never cuts anyone off or changes topic when he’s losing…….

Bob Cesca posts about this exchange too, go see it here. Joe Scarborough is the most hypocritical person on television, he’s also very slippery in how he pretends to be moderate, concedes a few points to make himself look reasonable and then spews his propoganda. I can’t remember who it was the other morning, it might have been Anthony Weiner, but he brought him on and introduced him and then turned to his right (both literally and figuratively) and asked someone else a question about Obama’s ratings in the polls, the old change the subject routine.

Morning Joe is the worst kind of propoganda on television, it’s a platform for Joe and his Republican buddies and so called moderate buddies like Harold Ford Jr., Mort Zuckerman, Mike Barnicle, and those Politico guys who seem to show up every morning with the Obama smear of the day….the list can go on. But what is so bad about it is the amount of time that is given to just repeating the same meme over and over and over again and that type of technique basically brainwashes any viewers who aren’t tuned into the reality of the topic or just kind of listening with it in the background. Dangerous stuff in a democracy.

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Morning Propoganda with Joe

Every morning I torture myself by watching Morning Joe while I drink coffee and shake out the cobwebs. It helps to get my blood flowing in the morning, sometimes it gets it flowing better than others. This morning they dedicated almost an hour to bashing the health care bill. They had Jim Cramer on to spew his fear of tax increases and big government. Lawrence O’Donnnell then joined the group and although being a democrat, Lawerence is the know-it-all kid on the block who worked for a Senate committee for ohhhhhhh, 2 years…and therefore considers himself the leading authority on how the Senate works. 2 whole years as a staffer on the Finance Committee…..wow, that’s a long time. For a while, we had Joe Scarborough who is an EXPERT on the House of Representatives because he served for ohhhhhhhhh, 6 years and then stepped down abruptly, which I’m sure had nothing to do with the intern that was found dead in his Florida office, suspicious circumstances for sure. Google it if you are curious.

Lawrence is Mr. Senate Procedure guy after working for the Senate for, did I mention 2 years. He claims that the Democrats are pulling something that is unprecedented and is the lone voice saying it’s not going to work, moving from conference to reconciliation mid-bill. The thing that sticks out to me as being unprecedented is the way the Republicans have been stalling our government, stopping every single thing that is attempted, even things they agree with. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented maneuvers. From what I’ve read and heard, the way the dems are going is well within the rules of the Senate, just like all the crap the Repugs are pulling. Two can play that game and when you are in the majority, you have an advantage in the game.

Joe Scarborough, who loves to cut off Lawrence when he’s defending people’s rights, but when he’s helping Joe pimp his conservative storyline, he lets Lawrence ramble on and on and you can just tell that Larry loves that spotlight on him. Larry loves to be the lone voice within the party, bucking the party and going rogue with his very narrow opinions. If I had time, I would dig up some of his previous pronouncements that never came true. But it is very revealing about Joe S. that he lets Larry go when he agrees with him, cuts him off and calls him crazy when he doesn’t. Gotta love propoganda in the morning, heh?

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What Is Harold Ford Jr. Smoking, Anyway?

I can’t believe Harold Ford Jr. thinks the president should have worked harder to get a bi-partisan health care bill. What planet has he been on for the last year? He went on and on this morning on Morning Joke about it. To her credit, Savannah Guthrie schooled him on just how much they tried to reach out to the Republicans, way too much in my opinion. Is Harold Ford Jr. now angling to run for governor of New York? If he thinks he can get elected, he better head back south where democrats are conservative.

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What The American People Want!

Whenever I hear anyone say “this is what the American people want”, I immediately discount what they have to say. “The American people” is made up of people of all sorts of different beliefs, liberal, conservative, moderate, libertarian, socialist, fascist, capitalist, communist…we have a myriad of opinions that can’t be boiled down to one question on a robo-poll.  It is never accurate to generalize what America believes or wants because “America” is not monolithic in its thinking. At the health care summit we kept hearing the Republicans repeat that the American people don’t want this bill. This poll from Newsweek (and polls are the problem here) shows that when you explain the details of the plan, they do support it.

When asked about Obama’s plan (without being given any details about what the legislation includes), 49 percent opposed it and 40 percent were in favor. But after hearing key features of the legislation described, 48 percent supported the plan and 43 percent remained opposed.

Either way, it’s not a huge margin and no one should claim what the American people want based on it. If one were honest, they would say something like a “small plurality” of the American people prefer, but even that is really not honest since the margin of error for that particular poll is +/- 3.6 % which means it could be as much as a 7.2 % swing either way. Who knows what the American people want? Morning Joe Scarborough is the worst at using polls to try to beat up politicians and put pressure on them. Just this morning on “Press the Meat” with David Gregory, David had a run of questions that were all laced with “what the American people want” or “going against the will of the American people”…..which American people? All of them? Or just those 200 who answered the poll question you are using to make your gross generalization?

I also have a problem with populist governing, let’s take a poll and then decide how we want to proceed. Let’s take a complex, detailed problem with all sorts of minutia and ask the general public what they think about it. How fucking stupid is that? This phenomenon lays open the opportunity for misinformation campaigns, distortions, lobbyist money, all directed at swaying the public so when they take that slanted poll (see link in the next paragraph), they can get the results they want. It becomes a battle of propaganda, who can con the American people the best.

Polls are becoming weapons, just ask Vic Snyder who decided not to run after getting ambush polled by Janey Hamsher. The tactics used by the supposed progressive Jane Hamsher and her organization is just one example of how methodology by pollsters can have a huge influence on results. So once again, how useful is the information gleaned from polls considering all the ways the numbers can be influenced or interpreted? It’s crap.

Now when it comes to election polls, as you get closer to an election the results start to get more accurate when done by reputable organizations with sound methodology. You always have the partisan polling groups on either extreme, but these serve more to try to sway public opinion using the “bandwagon” effect. They try to swing momentum one way or another by upsetting the ongoing narrative. So I guess polls serve a purpose as we get closer to election day, but really to the extent that they do sway opinion, it isn’t a good thing. Shouldn’t people vote for their candidate based on issues and leadership, not because it’s all the rage.

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President Obama – Success Rate On Capitol Hill Unprecedented!

Hat Tip to Bob Cesca for this find. NPR has a story up about President Obama’s success at getting congressional Democrats behind policies he feels strongly about.

The new CQ study gives Obama a higher mark than any other president since it began scoring presidential success rates in Congress more than five decades ago. And that was in a year where Obama tackled how to deal with Afghanistan, Iraq, an expanding terrorist threat, the economic crisis and battles over health care.

I’m sure in the bizarro world of Republic Party land, this is not a good thing. For the party that wants to destroy the government and make it completely dysfunctional, this is like throwing salt in their wounds. Since the Republic Party’s goal is to stop everything this president does, whether they actually agree with it or not, this has to drive them nuts.

“His success was 96.7 percent on all the votes where we said he had a clear position in both the House and the Senate. That’s an extraordinary number,” Cranford says.

The previous high scores were held by Lyndon Johnson in 1965, with 93 percent, and Dwight Eisenhower, who scored 89 percent in 1953. Cranford notes that George W. Bush’s score hit the high 80s in 2001, the year of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. But Obama surpassed them all, Cranford says.

This of course goes against the media narrative too, you know, that librul bunch who have been on the president’s side all along. (cough) I’ll be observing how widespread this story goes today, if it were a bad number, you can bet that Morning Joe, Huffington Post, Firedoglake and all the other haters would be touting this ad nauseum.

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The Constitution, What A Concept!

If you haven’t seen this clip with Chris Hayes from the Nation making an appearance on Morning Joke by Corporate Coffee, check it out. I don’t think Chris will be asked back anytime soon, he didn’t fit with their narrative. He was awesome. And to get my Arianna Huffington stab in, Mort Zuckerman is also on the panel who was dating Arianna recently. He’s one of the Obama haters who Joe loves to have on to help him bash the president. He’s a supposed liberal, yeah right. Watch how he sides with the right wing on the rule of law, he seems to bend his ideology when it means he can bash Obama.

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Arianna’s Buddy Joe Scarborough Fails At Spinning the Bonus Story!

Funny stuff this morning on Morning Joe when Scarborough tried to spin the bonuses story while talking to Maria Bartiromo. Joe was trying to spin it to damage the president on his left while Maria kept spinning it back in his face that the president is anti-business. It was quite the spin job, back and forth, almost like playing tether ball, remember that game? So once again, we find Joe Scarborough, that flaming liberal, siding with the Arianna crowd. Joe will put on sheep’s clothing any time of the day if it means he can hurt the president.

Now he has Elizabeth Warren on who is very smart and very far to the left when it comes to how to reign in Wall Street, she is a champion of the left these days for her views. She’s making a new career out of her outrage at Wall Street, which is really well deserved, but until we switch from capitalism to socialism, yeah right, most of this outrage and populism on the left is a lot of wasted energy. If these folks who are screaming and yelling would just come right out and say they are socialists, then we can have that debate. Even though I am an extreme liberal, I don’t think socialism in the extreme works.

Up until about 30 years ago, America had a pretty well balanced system of capitalism with controls, regulations to help the common man when big businesses overreached. With the Reagan revolution in the 1980’s, the balance in our system tilted in the other direction and then of course in the last administration, it was taken to a whole different level. That’s why the pendulum has swung so far back to the left and there is so much hatred for corporations and businesses in general. It’s almost like the far left (and some are just posers, Huffington and Hamsher, I’m looking at you) thinks that the general population has all of a sudden become socialist. Or at least in their fantasy world, they believe that. Sometimes I think the whiners and haters want Obama to fall on his sword for the movement. Go balls to the wall to the left, even if it means not passing anything, not getting reelected in 2012 and a return to Republicans controlling the government. That will show them.

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The Novice Ideologues!

Watching Morning Joe this morning helped to clarify my understanding of the “problems” that the media is saying President Obama has with his supporters, or more accurately, those who voted for him. Tim Dickinson from Rolling Stone was on talking about his article called “No We Can’t” about how the field operations for the Obama campaign, the grassroots folks haven’t been included in his administration. As if we were all going to follow him to Washington and we’d have his Blackberry number to give him our opinion on things. Most of the impatience with the president and the stories the media has been pushing are based, in my opinion, on complaints from a few who are novices at how things work in Washington. Many are people who never paid attention to politics before Obama came along, so they are naive to the way things work in Washington. Of course the media, who does know, plays along with them to get a story. They rarely point out the practical reality of how things work in Washington and the limited power that the executive branch really has in the process.

To Tim Dickinson’s point about this army of supporters who were going to march on Washington and change things. Well, once Obama was elected, most, if not all of them moved on with their lives, work, play, all those mundane things we all do when there isn’t a presidential election to obsess over. Maybe some thought they would get cabinet positions or have that direct line to the president, but found out that an election does have an end date, it’s called election day. When someone wins a race, they don’t keep running back and crossing the finish line over and over again. The race is over at that point with the next one in 4 years. Seasoned political observers know this and retreat to their easy chairs for a few years until the troops need to be mobilized again. So why have a few of the idealogues who projected all their hopes and dreams on President Obama, unrealistically I might add, gained so much prominence in the media? The answer is that the media loves that kind of story, it sells papers and increases viewers, it’s like Hollywood gossip or a jilted lover story. The health care battle is a prime example of the naiveté of people like Jane Hamsher and Arianna Huffington who seem to relish the contrarian position, motivated by clicks on their websites and donations to their many “non-profits” that they have attached to their money making ventures. Do they really think that if the president had just been more forceful in pushing single payer, universal health care for all, squash the insurance industry-type policies that Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln etc. would have just fallen in line?

The republicans have been fanning these flames too, they love what’s happening on the left, the infighting, the trashing of Obama for not being more liberal, the unrealistic ideas about how Washington works, they feed the fire with kindling. Joe Scarborough has made a living out of it on his morning show. He loves to bring on Arianna Huffington, Mark Halperin, John Heileman, and anyone else who likes to talk about process and spin things to the right. I also notice how when he does have Eugene Robinson or someone else who might actually deal in reality, he often asks them stupid questions about Tiger Woods or Sarah Palin, or he changes the subject to sports or whatever. He deflects any comments that might actually go against the narrative he is working so hard to promote for the Republican Party. Morning Joe is a well oiled propoganda machine for the Republicans.

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