Boycott ABC’s Election Coverage – Andrew Breitbart To Spew His Lies!

I could see Fox News having the propagandist Andrew Breitbart as part of their coverage, but what in the hell is ABC News thinking? And their response to inquiries is even more disturbing in my opinion. The great Steve Benen gives us details on this craziness from the media…

ABC NEWS IS DOING WHAT?…. About three months ago, in the wake of the Shirley Sherrod fiasco, E.J. Dionne Jr. identified activist Andrew Breitbart as a “right-wing hit man.” Dionne added that the incident “ought to be a turning point in American politics,” one in which “the mainstream media” starts appreciating the difference between “news and propaganda.”

It sure “ought to be” a turning point, but alas…not so much. ABC is probably wanting a little of that sensational, news making propaganda to boost their ratings or to try to poach away some of Fox’s rabid viewers. From Media Matters via Benen

As it turns out, it wasn’t a “turning point,” and it’s not hard at all for the media to justify taking Breitbart seriously.

Media Matters has confirmed that noted propagandist Andrew Breitbart will provide analysis for ABC News during their election night coverage.

After Breitbart’s website reported that Breitbart would “be bringing analysis live from Arizona” for ABC, Media Matters confirmed his participation in a town hall meeting anchored by ABC’s David Muir and Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg that will be featured in the network’s coverage.

Asked about Breitbart’s history of unethical behavior and misinformation, ABC News’ David Ford told Media Matters: “He will be one of many voices on our air, including Bill Adair of Politifact. If Andrew Breitbart says something that is incorrect, we have other voices to call him on it.”

The ole’ two sides to every thing including the truth. What a bunch of bullshit, I will not be watching ABC’s coverage, that’s for damn sure. I encourage you all to do the same. In fact, I’m shooting off an email to ABC telling them how I feel about Breitbart’s inclusion, but I’m sure they will choose the sensational path, more ratings, than the journalist standards path. Steve Benen…

ABC’s explanation for this is woefully unpersuasive — if the right-wing hatchet-man starts lying on the air, “we have other voices to call him on it”? Here’s a crazy thought: if ABC News has reason to believe Breitbart might try to deceive the network’s audience, then maybe he shouldn’t be part of the election-night broadcast.

For that matter, this isn’t exactly a recipe for quality journalism — Breitbart will spew propaganda; others on the broadcast will be there to “call him on it.” Viewers will, in other words, hear some falsehoods and some corrections, but won’t necessarily know who’s right.

Go here and tell ABC how you feel about it, I always like to tell them how I will be also contacting their advertisers, money seems to motivate those corporate media people.


President Obama Is Unmatched In His Support For The LGBT Community – No Debating It!

Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly has a post about the president’s support of the LGBT community and the fact that a large number in that community are going to stay home next Tuesday because apparently, they like it better when Republicans are in charge. Nothing pisses me off more than people who vote against their own self interest, for whatever reason it is. It’s like admitting you are wrong but sticking with your wrongness. From Steve’s post…

ANNOYING BOTH SIDES OF AN EQUALITY DEBATE SIMULTANEOUSLY…. We learned this week that President Obama, after less than two years in office, has already “appointed more openly gay officials than any other president in history.” By one estimate, there are now more than 150 officials — “from agency heads and commission members to policy officials and senior staffers” — in the administration, easily surpassing the 140 officials spanning eight years of the Clinton administration.

Get that, in less than two years, he’s appointed more openly gay folks than Clinton did in 8 years. Now, the ironic part of this is that a lot of the leaders in the gay community supported Hillary during the last presidential election and were a large part of the nastiness that plagued that primary. I would add that a lot of that group has been the loudest in criticizing this president, not just on LGBT issues, but also everything else he does. I chalk a lot of that anger and rage to sore loser syndrome, if they can’t have Hillary, they don’t want anyone…kick, scream, whine, cry…someone call them a Waaaambulance.  You know who they are, I don’t have to name them. Some more facts about what President Obama has done in less than two years…

As the debate continues, it’s probably worth emphasizing some noteworthy accomplishments. The administration, in addition to hiring more openly gay officials than any administration in history, has made a variety of advances, including hospital visitation rights, a package of domestic partnership benefits for federal workers, lifting the travel/immigration ban on those with HIV/AIDS, expanded hate-crime laws, addressing the diplomatic passport issue, ordering the Federal Housing Authority to no longer consider the sexual orientation of applicants on loans, expanding the Census to include the number of people who report being in a same-sex relationship, endorsing the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act, and making the Domestic Partners Benefit and Obligations Act law.

There have also been more symbolic gestures, including the White House hosting an event to honor the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, announcing the first-ever transgender presidential appointee, honoring same-sex couples in his Mother’s Day and Father’s Day proclamations, recording a video for the “It Gets Better” Project, and hosting Gay and Lesbian Pride Month events at the White House.

Nevertheless, a sizable number of LGBT voters are prepared to stay home on Election Day or vote against Democrats, unsatisfied with the pace of change. The religious right, incensed by how pro-gay Dems have been, no doubt finds this inexplicable.

Can you just image how much further the LGBT community will be set back if the Republicans do take over the house or possibly the Senate too? Don’t even think about repealing DADT or DOMA, forget about them completely. How many gay people appointed in the next two years do you think will be approved by a Republican congress? Zero…..or maybe a few at most. Why on earth would a person hurt themselves so badly to prove a point? It makes no fucking sense at all and what these boneheads have accomplished by doing it is to lose the respect from people like myself who have been helping them fight the fight for decades. Are the leaders of the LGBT community masochistic, do they long for the days of Bush? Well guess what you might just get, a group of teabaggers who make George Bush look like a leftist.

A Link To The Truth – It Will Set You Free!

GO…….to this link and share it with everyone who might be open to the truth. These are the 8 False Things That Public “Knows” Prior To Election Day from Dave Johnson at the Campaign for America’s Future. Here is just a sample…..go now and read it, and share it…..we have only 8 days to prevent the evil Republicans from getting any power back.

1) President Obama tripled the deficit.
Reality: Bush’s last budget had a $1.416 trillion deficit. Obama’s first budget reduced that to $1.29 trillion.

2) President Obama raised taxes, which hurt the economy.
Reality: Obama cut taxes. 40% of the “stimulus” was wasted on tax cuts which only create debt, which is why it was so much less effective than it could have been.

People don’t believe this shit by accident, either. You know the nutball right has been pushing this shit since President Obama took the oath. Help blow away the lies, please. Here is a convenient link for you to Copy and Paste into an email for all your friends and family.

What He Said – The Midterm Elections

Booman says it all in this post, keep it around for election night.

I’m not optimistic about the midterms, but I do think there’s a good chance that they will be less catastrophic than we fear. I have two basic reasons for feeling a bit of optimism. The first is that I believe that Democrats will show more and more interest in voting as election day approaches. It’s only natural for the minority to be more fired up and outraged, but election day is when people really focus on politics. Most of the polling data is premised on a huge disparity in voter turnout. I suspect that disparity will be less than expected. The second reason is that I can go down the list of Senate races and not find a single instance where I think the Republicans have the stronger candidate or the stronger campaigner. We have some real mismatches, too.Obviously, Chris Coons completely outclasses Christine O’Donnell. But O’Donnell isn’t the only candidate who is hiding from the media. Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, and Carly Fiorina are hiding, too. I think Roy Blunt, and the whole Blunt family, are exactly the opposite of what the Tea Party wants, and I don’t see him getting out the vote. Rob Miller, Ron Johnson, and Ken Buck are basically nuts. I think Kelly Ayotte is totally out of her league. Mark Kirk is a serial liar. Linda McMahon is a freak-show. Mario Rubio has legal and ethical problems. Dan Coats is a retread. David Vitter likes to pay women to dress him in a diaper. We’re definitely going to lose the seats in North Dakota and Arkansas, but after that, nothing is certain.

Note To Republicans, Don’t Nominate A Former Witch – Christine O’Donnell

Wow, this is unbelievable…except Bill Maher has the tape. Roll it….

Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the tip and the transcript below.

O’DONNELL: I dabbled into witchcraft, I never joined a coven. But I did. I did. […]

I didn’t join a coven. I didn’t join a coven, let’s get this straight. […]

But that’s exactly why…because… because I dabbled in witchcraft. I hung around people who were doing these things. I’m not making this stuff up. I know what they told me they do. […]

One of my first dates was with a witch was on a satanic altar and I didn’t know it and there was a little blood there and stuff like that. […]

We went to a movie and then like had a little midnight picnic on a satanic altar.

This is just too funny, I’m sure a lot of heads will explode when and “if” this gets in the main stream media. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ignored it, but I don’t know how they can. The sentence where she says “I dabbled in witchcraft” will surely show up in a television ad. It will be kind of fun seeing the right-wing deal with this, hypocrisy in its raw form will be all over the television. I wonder what Karl Rove will have to say about this, or have the rest of the party circled him and told him to STFU. Funny stuff.

Watch The Republicans Run David Brooks Out On A Rail!

Steve Benen has a post up about a David Brooks column that will probably cause David all sorts of trouble on the right, but I guess he has burned a lot of those bridges already. My observation of David Brooks is that he really blows in the wind with his opinions. He is the definition of hypocrisy in many ways and often traps himself in his own logic. But I find myself agreeing with him sometimes in between his contortions. Here is a piece from Steve Benen’s post…

In his speech in Ohio last week, President Obama tried to explain that the underlying cause of American progress can be entirely non-partisan. Democrats made Social Security, the minimum wage, the GI Bill, Medicare, civil rights, workers’ rights, and women’s rights a reality, but “we also recognize that throughout our history, there has been a noble Republican vision … of what this country can be.”The president noted that it was Lincoln who used the power of the federal government to set up the first land-grant colleges and launch the transcontinental railroad; it was Teddy Roosevelt who broke up monopolies; it was Dwight Eisenhower who built the Interstate Highway System; and it was Ronald Reagan who worked with Democrats to help save Social Security for future generations.

Apparently the President’s speech prompted David Brooks to write this next bit that will surely piss off most of the people leading the Republican Party these days, you know, “The Party of No”…

Throughout American history, in other words, there have been leaders who regarded government like fire — a useful tool when used judiciously and a dangerous menace when it gets out of control. They didn’t build their political philosophy on whether government was big or not. Government is a means, not an end. They built their philosophy on making America virtuous, dynamic and great. They supported government action when it furthered those ends and opposed it when it didn’t.

If the current Republican Party regards every new bit of government action as a step on the road to serfdom, then the party will be taking this long, mainstream American tradition and exiling it from the G.O.P.

That is Republican blasphemy. Elections have consequences and the ascension of the Tea Party and the rest of the crazies within the GOP is causing a lot of rifts within the Grand Ole’ Party. It is up to us Democrats to help drive that wedge between the two factions. Rub salt in those wounds. Kick them while they are down. Give them that little shove they need to go over the cliff. Isn’t politics fun?

Wake Up Democrats, We Can Win!

For years, Republicans have used the media to create new realities. They do it by using repetition and by spreading the message far and wide. They of course have set up many venues for spreading their talking points and alternate realities, Rush Limbaugh and countless other right-wing radio hosts, Fox News’ entire programming, CNN is played like a cheap violin because they bend over backwards to give two sides to every issue, including facts and MSNBC has an obsession with polls even more than the rest of the cable news networks.  They don’t seem to care much who commissioned the poll and whether the methodology was sound or not. New polls get them all excited and they love them some lower thirds graphics that scream the latest poll results.

From my perspective, I’ve watched as the Republicans went from being completely marginalized, losing control of both branches of government and having no real leaders, which continues to this day – to somehow being ahead in generic polls and now the pundits are saying they are going to take control of the House of Representatives in November. How did they do it? By forming a unified front and setting out to block every single thing that the Obama administration attempts, by feeding misinformation into the psyche of the American electorate, by throwing red meat to the uninformed masses with all sorts of subtle and not so subtle appeals to racism, by outright lying with the help of the idiot media and the hired right-wing media, by forcing the administration to the middle with their unified front which has caused the White House to negotiate with the conservadems and moderate Republicans in order to pass ANYTHING, which has caused the “firebaggers” like Jane Hamser, Cenk Uygur, Ed Schultz, Taylor Marsh and Arianna Huffington to start attacking him from the left flank. This has served to demoralize the base with some of those turncoats actually encouraging their readers to not turn out to vote in November, as if that will somehow teach the White House a lesson. The “professional left” completely fell for the Republican’s tactic, swallowed it hook, line and sinker. The Republicans counted on the politically naive Hamsher, Huffington and others to not understand how Washington works, you can read it almost daily on their blogs – this sense that if the president really wanted to pass it, he would just do it. How fucking naive is that thinking, haven’t they ever watched C-Span for more than 5 minutes? I heard Arianna Huffington “GlennBecking” her book last night with full-throated populism and Tom Ashbrook asked how she proposes we change these things and her response was that we have to “insist” that they do it. A perfect example of her naiveté.

The fight over the health care bill is a perfect example of how the Republicans manipulated the process to get back in a position to “possibly” win back the House of Representatives in 2010. We all remember how popular the idea of passing health care reform was right after the election in 2008. This is where the pollsters started their role in helping the Republicans. They all asked very general questions like “Do you support reforming health care?” or something to that effect and of course that general question is going to get a yes answer from many different people, those who want universal health care to those who really don’t know what they want, but just know that what we have now isn’t working. So the pollsters set the high water mark on the popularity of health care reform in its generic form. This helps to set up false expectations of people, especially the media who are lazy motherfuckers and instead of doing some original reporting, they just get the latest PDF from Gallup and recycle the same clichés that they all spew forth. With these high expectations it becomes the media’s job to chip away at it. They love them some dramatic teases or scrolling text which screams “The President’s Support For Health Care Plummets” or some crap like that.

Of course the Republican lie machine kicked into gear and started scaring senior citizens with the “death panels”  and injected the terms “government run health care” into the lexicon, even though none of the proposals had government running anything except possibly a public option for buying insurance. But of course the Rebubs, with the help of the media AND the idiot firebaggers, began their campaigns to misinform the public by distorting the bills being floated. The right did it by making people believe that the government was going to decide what procedures would or wouldn’t be covered and the firebaggers did it by attacking the mandate, which by most accounts is necessary, if we are really going to bring costs down…think emergency room visits for uninsured. Of course, the firebaggers claimed it was going to be a big gain for insurance companies, which may or may not be true when you consider all the other provisions that put restrictions on them and stop them from kicking people off for pre-existing conditions, etc., I’m not so sure the insurance companies will benefit as much as the haters think.  It is probably true that the more people who have health insurance, the more the insurance industry stands to gain from it. So when you step back, the firebaggers would rather the health insurance industry not make money, even if it means poor people suffer. Where are the priorities here, supposed “left”? And really, having observed how things really work in Washington, the congress can revisit a lot of these issues in the future and as long as Democrats stay in control, much of that can be fixed. But here is the rub. The firebaggers who should be supporting the president and helping to fix the problems with the bill are actively trying to bring this president down. Do they really care about progressive issues or have their emotions (hate and jealousy) overcome their ability to reason and show compassion for their fellow citizens? Bastards.

If we look at the other big lie that Republicans have successfully perpetuated with the help of the media and again, the firebaggers, is the idea that the stimulus didn’t work…all based on one measure, the unemployment rate. I’ve posted about this before so I won’t rehash it…go look at it if you haven’t already. Almost immediately after President Obama was elected, before he was even sworn in, someone in the Obama gang made a prediction about the unemployment rate based on the numbers Bush and Co. were giving them. Remember how everyone was demanding that Obama come up with a solution to the economic mess and solve the looming “depression” that was surely around the corner…even before he was sworn in. So bowing to that intense pressure, a big mistake, the incoming administration made some rosy statements based on the information available. These predictions were modified very soon after the real numbers were discovered, after the Bush folks walked away laughing that they fell for it. But the Republicans, the media and the haters on the left (firebaggers) apparently didn’t like those new numbers so they just stayed with the Bush inspired ones, it served their purposes much better. So here we are 20 months later, no depression, the stock market back near the 10,000 mark, massive profits in the pockets of business and new private sector jobs being created for the last 8 months…not enough for sure, but a lot better than the legacy Bush left us and of course all that positive news is overshadowed by the unemployment rate. No one seems to grasp that it could very well be 18 – 20% had the stimulus not been passed. How many times have you heard someone in the media brush that off because damnit, there are still a lot of unemployed people. No shit Sherlock, and it does matter that it could be much worse….it does matter. Especially for all those people who still have their jobs and can pay their bills, it really fucking matters. Oh, but let’s ignore them because someone made a prediction back in December of 2008 that was wrong. Let’s just focus on that one number as the measure, fucking idiots.

But having said all that, it doesn’t mean that Democrats have to lose in November. With such a large percentage of the population not paying attention to politics at all until about 2 weeks out from an election, with the right tactics, we can minimize those loses and retain control of both houses of congress. I’m encouraged that David Plouffe is on our team and actively organizing and pushing for the GOTV efforts. I’m also glad to see the President out delivering the message that no one else seems to have the balls to do, including the firebaggers and the so-called “professional left” who in my opinion, hasn’t done shit for progressive causes since President Obama took office. They’ve been whining and bitching about the president not fulfilling some fantasy they created in their pea-sized brains or they are out to prove that we all should have voted for Hillary by joining with the right to damage this progressive president. Fucking sore losers……well, losers period.

So it is up to the rest of us to help the Democrats save our country from the catastrophe that will surely happen if John Boehner and Mitch McConnell get control. Go out and do your part to elect Democrats, start today. It isn’t that hard, talk to your liberal friends and make sure they are going to vote this year. If you have the time, volunteer for your local democrats and post comments on blogs encouraging people to get out and vote. We can win this thing if we all do our part.

No One To Blame But Themselves

Guest Blogger – Staci

If Democrats lose control of Congress, it’s their own damn fault. I’ve read the pundits that are predicting doom and gloom for the D’s.  I have heard all of the reasons that it is Obama’s fault and if he had just done this or that or the other, then all would be well.  Well, let me tell you who will be at fault if the Democrats lose – each and every single candidate that actually loses.  They spent the entire month of August “on vacation”.  Maybe that time would have been best spent for every Democrat to have as many flippin’ town halls as they could fit in a month’s time.  Hell, three a day all over their districts, and when they’ve covered the entire district, start over again because somebody didn’t hear you the first time.  The Democrats have passed some huge bills in the past 20 months and they should be out there shouting from the rooftops why they took those votes, not running away from them.  Healthcare, I would be beating my constituency over the head with what is available right now.  Credit card reform, hell, that law alone will probably affect at least one person in every household in the district.  The reforms to student loans, the extensions to unemployment, the fucking stimulus!  I am convinced if people really understood, and if each Democrat took it upon themselves to make sure their districts understood, the Democrats would have unprecedented numbers in both Houses.  My gosh, they are running against a party without a plan.

So Democrats, don’t blame Obama or the media or use historical references to justify losing your seat.  If you lose, you have only yourself to blame.