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A Chirpstory Your Ass Better Read – @allanbrauer

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, the following is a Chirpstory. It is basically a series of “Tweets” strung together, usually an exchange between two or more people. This one is a bit different, I’ll let Allan Brauer explain his reasons for this rant. It is a must read for anyone who really gives a shit about our country. Here is a link to the original chirpstory. He promises more in the future. You can read Allan over at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, which really should be one of your bookmarks if it isn’t already. It may not look like other chirpstories you’ve seen, because I have yet to figure out how to put them in with the embedded code. Doh!

Here’s Allan:


Preface: I went on a bit of a stream of consciousness jag, inspired by the decision of the Sunday morning talk shows to book 6 GOP-Bush apologists to one Democrat on the occasion of Obama carrying out the action that killed Osama bin Laden. We have no liberal media. It’s up to us to be the messenger for Obama and the Democrats.

Tomorrow morning, our corporate media will give platform to war criminals and serial failures in hopes of dragging down Obama’s approval.

Our corporate media is so concerned that the GOP will be unable to front a marketable candidate that they’re trying to drag Obama down.

It will be absolutely devastating for the 2012 news ratings if the GOP nominates a clunker and Obama wins in a cakewalk. Ads must be sold.

Remember that what the news media loved about the Obama/Clinton primary battle was Dems were fighting and a close race drew more eyeballs.

The GOP disappointed media in 2008 by quickly reconciling itself to McCain as their candidate. They have an interest in conflict.

With no primary challenger to Obama, the media hopes the GOP fight will be contentious and prolonged, and that Obama will be vulnerable.

The GOP’s preference for winner-take-all primaries minimizes the chance that they’ll approach their convention without a clear winner.

Therefore it will be necessary for the media to manufacture drama by insisting that Dems are divided, Obama’s support is waning.

Any poll that suggests Obama could lose a state to the GOP nominee will be flogged in 64 point headlines; those showing him winning, not.

Any self-appointed spokesperson who calls for progressives to withhold support from O will be given a platform on Fox News and MSNBC.

The hundreds of thousands of volunteers calling and knocking on doors to re-elect Obama will be disappeared like Iraq war protestors.

If you would like to be cross-posted at HuffPo, Daily Kos, FDL et al, write a post about why Obama doesn’t deserve your vote.

What can we do about the reality I have described? A few things. One, we can withhold our eyeballs and clicks from the media circus.

Two, we can use our own respective platforms, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to amplify and spread the message of those who support Obama.

Three, we can network with each other across all social media and refer people to the work of others with which we agree.

Fourth, and most important, we can organize and mobilize in the real world and talk to persuadable ppl in the middle, not just our allies.

Our country splits roughly one-third left, one-third right, one-third in between. Elections are about getting to 50% + 1.

In 2008, our local Obama phonebanking team included decline-to-state voters, and even some registered Republicans. Those are the target.

Covey’s 7 Habits: each of us has a smaller circle of control and a larger circle of influence. The better you manage what’s in your control,

the larger your circle of influence grows. Go forth. Be calm, friendly, rational and polite. Speak positively of Obama & his results.

Point out how much more Obama can accomplish if given 4 more years to continue what he’s started. Contrast his vision with the GOP’s.

Acknowledge he and his administration have not been perfect. Point out that no politician has ever been perfect. Ask who do you trust more?

Who do you believe actually has your best interests and those of your family and community in mind when deciding a course of action?

All politicians receive money from corporate donors. But ask which ones still favor policies that might benefit the little guy anyway?

Both parties support the principles of a strong US military. But which one has fought to make the military a better and fairer workplace?

Both parties have failed at times to stand up for civil liberties and individual rights. But which has consistently worked to expand them?

Both parties have been insufficient in addressing our environmental degradation. But which one acknowledges we have a problem?

Both sides in the healthcare debate insist that they are looking out for patients. But which one has actually expanded access?

Both parties could do more to protect a woman’s right to choose. But which one unanimously votes to take that right away?

These are some of the choices that face voters when making their decisions in 2012. Make the contrasts clear even as the media blurs them.

The media pretends that they provide balance by presenting critics of Obama from both the left and the right. You provide the real balance.

Only you can explain to your friends, relatives and neighbors why they should support Obama and the Dems. No one else will do it for you.

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Some Quick Hits From Around The Internets, But Please Don’t Inhale!

I’ve posted many times about polls on this blog, having some schooling in the subject. Now the pollsters are polling about polls.

And if you missed our awesome President on 60 minutes, JM Ashby put it up here to watch. You really should watch it, much more reliable than the media filters.

All the discussion about Hillary in that Situation Room photo, well, how about we just remove her from the picture like this newspaper did.

I totally agree with this, why doesn’t Andrew Breitbart just get a job already.

Wow, is Bill Maher trying to get attention using a racial slur and stereotype?

Check out some more great photos from the parade and protest in Benton Harbor, Michigan on Saturday.

And last, but not least, what fun would a Monday be without calling out Glenn Greenwald on his bullshit?

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I’ll Take Transparency Over “Messaging” Anytime!

I’m all for “messaging” when running a campaign for elected office. The idea of having surrogates and your supporters parroting the talking points consistently, with no room for wedges to be inserted and breaks to form in the message is a noble goal. That is kind of the game that is played between the press and a campaign, staying on message, pounding home your themes and not getting distracted from the “message” of the day, week or entire campaign. I’m totally down with that concept. When it comes to governing a country, I’m not such a huge fan of that process. Ronald Reagan and his puppet-masters had it down to a science and in my idealistic head, it was maddening. There was no transparency, there was no window into that administration, only what we and the media were spoon fed. Some in the media pushed back against it, pointing out to their readers and viewers that it was happening. But those were much different times in the media.

Candidate Clinton adopted a lot of that mentality even with all the distractions he had to fight back. They stuck to their “It’s the economy stupid” theme and just kept driving it home to a big win in 1992. The comeback kid confirmed that in elections, you have to stick to your message and pound it relentlessly. In thinking back to the Clinton presidency, it occurs to me that they, like Reagan and Bush 1, brought that into the Whitehouse with them.

The Obama campaign and candidate Obama showed great discipline with their messaging during the campaign, but promised an era of transparency in the Whitehouse. The two concepts don’t necessarily go hand in hand. The recent “messaging” problem that many in the press and blogosphere are accusing the Whitehouse of in the wake of the operation that killed Osama bin Laden on Sunday, to me is because of that transparency. I’m glad that the Whitehouse didn’t clamp down and make everyone come out like robots and repeat the same “message”. Instead, the Whitehouse released an intense and not necessarily flattering photo of the situation room during a very tense moment. We saw a room full of people who were all watching the same thing, but not necessarily all seeing the same thing or interpreting it the same way.

Each one of the people in that room and then their staffs have different perspectives and perceptions of what happened. With transparency in the Whitehouse and nothing to hide, these people were allowed to talk to the media. Why are the details so different depending on who said it? I equate it very much to someone whispering something at one end of a table and by the time it makes it to the other end, the story has changed wildly. That’s what happens when humans share information. It’s why outlets like Fox News purposely feed misinformation into the public to be spread around, they understand that idea and use it for their evil purposes.

So as I watch the details of the operation get revised and corrected, with one person contradicting someone else and no clear, repeated message coming from the Whitehouse, in many ways I’m glad. If we just look at one instance in the Bush administration that backfired on them monumentally, partly because of the “messaging” idea and partly because they were fucking propagandists trying to justify their stupid fucking wars and keep the cheerleaders for their venture on the sidelines with their pom poms. The instance was the killing of Pat Tillman. If you want to know the history of that one, go here. The Bush Administration picked their message, a manufactured cover story, and they ran with it. As anyone with a brain knows, lies beget lies. One lie usually leads to many other lies to cover the first one.

Now, with a situation that is developing, with details being revealed from many sources, would it be better for the Whitehouse to immediately concoct a “message” for the masses, even as the details are still emerging. Or how about clamping down on anyone saying anything until those details are clear, then the press would spend their time pounding on the door of the press room, writing conspiracy stories about why they aren’t telling us the details and thus tainting any “message” that eventually comes out. Transparency is a messy business, folks. Letting officials and staffers speak out with all their flaws in perceptions and interpretations will cause some contradictions, revisions and people walking back things when the actual details and evidence comes along. It may look haphazard and incompetent, but as someone who likes the idea of the Whitehouse allowing information to flow to the public, I’ll take that confusion in a heartbeat over the lock-step messaging that took a brave man like Pat Tillman and used him for a “message” that was consistent at first, but went on to hurt a man’s family and our country for years to come.

I’m glad that information is flowing about the operation to capture/kill Osama bin Laden, even if it isn’t so neat and tidy and wrapped up with a nice bow.

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A Letter To NBC From A Young Woman – Why Donald Trump Is Dangerous

This is an excerpt of a comment that was left in the comments of a previous post. It expressed a point that has been missing in the conversation on this clown Trump, from Pamela Ranberg

This is the last message I will send to NBC. I am a 61-year young African-American female who has enjoyed NBC for years. I just need to inform you how disappointed I am with you as a network. This is the network that was saved by Bill Cosby. Donald Trump is an ignorant clown, but I do not blame him for the mess he has created. Your network created this monster and now you can enjoy each other. Disagreement over politics is one thing, but now Trump is on your network with his reality show, while running a campaign to prove Mr. Obama did not write his books, or earn his position at Harvard. You know the claim has no truth to it but who cares, if it increases your ratings?

What does this say to every young black person who finally felt they can be whatever they want to, if they work hard? What does it say to my generation, survivors of segregation? It says that a white man can run around telling lies that diminish the reputation of a good black man, and have a television show at the same time. NBC is now partners in encouraging a public lynching to get ratings. You are helping to destroy the idea that a black man is smart enough to write a book or attend an Ivy League school. You are helping to put blacks in our place by reminding us the White House is just that, THE WHITE’S ONLY HOUSE. You as a network have a problem. You have no genuine respect for African Americans. As long as Al Roker is grinning on the Today Show “the blacks” should be happy.

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Bill Maher Gives Platform For Race-baiter Andrew Breitbart – Come on!

Photo used without permission and found here using Google!

I have a real love/hate thing for Bill Maher. Sometimes he is so dead on and just nails it and other times he’s in a completely different mindset than I am, to put it politely. I listen to the podcast of his show and heard the previous show where Andrew Breitbart was on along with Seth McFarland, it’s been a while though. ColorOfChange.org tipped me off to the post reminding us how much fun Bill and Andrew had the last time Bill elevated and legitimized the charlatan on his HBO show. I guess giving sideshows and charlatan’s a stage to spread their hate is all the rage these days. I know Bill will probably respond with free speech, which is of course very true…in a Sarah Palin kind of way (if you know what I mean). But broadcasters and media make choices all the time about who will come on their show and I really think making the choice to give Breitbart more fame and notoriety only hurts us all. If the man had a single ounce of credibility, then sure, but this man is an admitted con-artist…exposed multiple times. Yet Dylan Ratigan and Bill Maher both seem to help the man further his charade. From James Rucker at Jack & Jill Politics…

We learned yesterday that Andrew Breitbart will be appearing on Bill Maher’s show tonight. This will be the second time Breitbart has appeared there since he was exposed as a race-baiting con artist during the Shirley Sherrod incident. It’s bad enough that Breitbart gets any airtime on Maher’s show. Worse, Maher completely softballed Breitart when he had him on in September. He called Breitbart a “publisher and journalist” and completely failed to point out that Breitbart repeatedly launches racially-charged smear campaigns based in deception and lies. Whether he knew it or not, Maher was helping rehabilitate Breitbart’s image, and unless he’s very clear tonight about Breitbart’s record, he’ll do it again.

He has a phone number and a script if you want to call and let Real Time with Bill Maher know how you feel about an admitted con-artist getting exposure on his show. At the least, it would be nice if the man were actually challenged with facts and forced to stand up for his lies and be accountable. His Acorn and Shirley Sherrod episodes were disgusting in so many ways, it makes my stomach churn listening to the man. I’ll have to skip this weeks episode.

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How Stupid Is Donald Trump? The Boycott Of NBC Continues!

Based on the responses I’ve received after calling for a Boycott of NBC, I know that I’m not the only person incensed by the “carnival barker” Donald Trump. And I really mean no disrespect to carnival workers, they aren’t all like the stereotype that we are used to seeing. I’m sure the President meant no disrespect either and chose those words in lieu of a few choice words he would have rather used. If only I could be a fly on the wall of the Oval Office. :)

I have really been trying not to watch any more Donald Trump packages on the cable news networks, but I can’t help but read and hear some of it. The more I hear from him, the more I think he is really fucking stupid as well as racist, and I posit that you have to be really fucking stupid to be a racist, anyway. As he talks about how “very, very successful” he is and how he has built “a great company”, he doesn’t seem to realize that there are millions of people in this country who will never visit a single hotel or property of his. who will never watch a TV show with his arrogant, elitist, racist ass on it and as a matter of fact, there is a growing group of people who are consciously boycotting his sponsors and NBC, the network that has given him a platform to spew his vile, hateful, white elitist bullshit. MSNBC, a sister station, has been just as bad, with the exception of the evening opinion shows. I’ve had a feeling since Keith Olbermann left, that the writing is on the wall for the rest of the liberal evening lineup. I hope I’m wrong, because moving into election season, we need some sanity to level out the craziness that I’m sure is going to be even more over the top in the next election.

So, if “The Donald” thinks that alienating, offending and hurting millions of people across this country is a good business move, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell his dumb ass. And what he has done HAS hurt a lot of people across this country. He has brought back an era of hate that many of us have long hoped was dead. He’s given racists comfort by his subtle and not so subtle racist appeals to the “devils of our worst nature”…to twist around the powerful words of the second greatest president, Abraham Lincoln…

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”
— Abraham Lincoln

Goldie Taylor’s incredible words the other day are just one example of the pain he has wrought on our country. Baratunde Thurston touched on similar themes and showed us why this sideshow Donald Trump should be relegated to the trash heap of history – the stinky, nasty pile of rotting food and waste where the vultures of history can pick at his rotting memory.

Abe, I hope you are right.

Updated again: Petition http://www.change.org/petitions/dump-trump-tell-nbc-to-fire-donald-trump-for-lies-against-obama

Updated sponsor list from NamelessGenXer


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I will not watch a single show on NBC until Donald Trump is gone. I’m dead serious. I encourage you to do the same and I will be posting the names and addresses of advertisers on his show and NBC executives as soon as I get a chance. This is serious, people, Donald Trump is a blatant racist and shouldn’t be allowed to spread his racist propaganda on television. We have to hit them hard and force them to get rid of that asshole.

Petition http://www.change.org/petitions/dump-trump-tell-nbc-to-fire-donald-trump-for-lies-against-obama

Update IV: Updated sponsor list from NamelessGenXer


Update III: Are we having an impact? From ThinkProgress

Moments ago, a Groupon representative announced that, in the future, they will block their advertisements from appearing on The Apprentice website.

You can contact Enterprise Rental Car, which is telling customers they don’t sponsor The Apprentice, but are currently advertising on their website.

Update Groupon ads previously appeared on The Apprentice website. After hearing a bunch of complaints today, Groupon announced that they will not be advertising on The Apprentice website in the future. But Groupon spokesperson Julie Mossler does not consider placing website advertisements a “sponsorship.” In apparently related news, she also says the company will not offer Groupons for abortions. You can read Ms. Mossler’s statement here.

Update II: Better links according to Nick, thanks Nick

Clorox: http://www.thecloroxcompany.com/contactus.html

Sprint: boardinquiries@sprint.com

Update: If you have the time and want to express how you feel about the outrageous, sideshow and carnival barker (no offense to carnival people, really) Donald Trump, let the sponsors of his NBC show know that you will not watch that show or the network until Donald Trump is fired. I’ve called and sent several emails myself today, spend some time and hit Donald Trump where it hurts HIM the most, in his wallet.

Sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice

Enterprise Rental Car

Clorox Bleach

Sprint-Nextel Cellphones

Bristol-Myers Squibb

The Walt Disney Company


NBC Executives who might want to know how you feel too.

NBC Entertainment Rebecca Marks Executive Vice President, Publicity 818-777-3030 | Rebecca.Marks@nbcuni.com

Universal Pictures Cindy Gardner Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs 818-777-2581 | Cindy.Gardner@nbcuni.com

Universal Media Studios Curt King Senior Vice President, Publicity 818-777-3655 | Curt.King@nbcuni.com

Adriene Bowles Focus Features President, Worldwide Publicity and Executive VP, Marketing 818-777-7499 | Adriene.Bowles@nbcuni.com

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Uygur and Sirota Gang Up On Joe Madison And Ooze Stupidity!

I have a hard time watching Cenk Uygur, so when this aired originally, I had the sound down and missed it. Thanks to Twitter, I was informed that Joe Madison got the best of them. I don’t think I would characterize it like that, the two blowhards, Uygur and Sirota, talked over him quite a bit, interrupted him constantly and Joe only really set them back at about 9:30 in the clip. I’m issuing a warning to liberals with high blood pressure, this clip will raise it up – so watch with caution.

Cenk is not a progressive or a liberal, so what in the hell qualifies him to talk about liberals at all. He is a Bush hater who is returning to his conservative roots and making bank off it at MSNBC or what I like to refer to as “Fox News II – Your Trump Headquarters.”

“Throwing the baby out with the bath water” is an expression that isn’t just a cute little metaphor to be blown off like happens so often. It is an expression that has been around for a long time in various forms and the warning should be heeded. What comes to my mind is 2000, with Nadarites handing the presidency to George W. (two wars) Bush. Here is a little history on the saying…from Wikipedia

Thomas Carlyle adapted the concept in an 1849 essay on slavery:

“And if true, it is important for us, in reference to this Negro Question and some others. The Germans say, ‘you must empty-out the bathing-tub, but not the baby along with it.’ Fling-out yur dirty water with all zeal, and set it careering down the kennels; but try if you can keep the little child!”[6]

Carlyle is urging his readers to join in the struggle to end slavery, but he also encourages them to be mindful of the need to try to avoid harming the slaves themselves in the process.

Click Read More

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The Breitbart and Ratigan Lovefest (Updated) – Racists Loving On Each Other!

Bob Cesca takes on Dylan Ratigan’s lovefest with Andrew Breitbart, the guy who brought us the Acorn scam, the Shirley Sherrod scam and all sorts of other racist crap over the years. Here’s part of Bob’s take on Breitbarts appearance on Ratigan’s show the other day….

Dylan Ratigan gave Andrew Breitbart ten full minutes of MSNBC airtime the other day to promote his book, and predictably failed to corner Breitbart on any of his egregious lies and self-admitted scams.

After introducing Breitbart as a “controversial blogger,” Ratigan described the Big Government entrepreneur as a “sharpshooter who’s good,” a “smart man,” and “an incredibly passionate and effective man.”

This after Ratigan called Swift Boat financier T. Boone Pickens a “true patriot” a couple of weeks ago.

So, naturally, Twitter erupted with criticism of Ratigan’s pathetic Breitbart infomercial. My remarks are here. And here’s a pointed back-and-forth between Ratigan and David Shuster. Meanwhile, Media Matters compiled a series of questions for Breitbart that Ratigan should have asked.

Update: On my commute to my day job today, I was listening to the Bob and Elvis Show podcast and they were talking about this subject. As they were talking, it occurred to me that both of those men are blatant racists. There are way too many examples of Breitbart’s racism to pull up here, go to Google and type Breitbart and Racism and you will see a slew of them. Now, Ratigan’s racism isn’t as blatant and even when it is blatant, most of the media and the blogosphere just ignore if for some reason. I say it is because he is on MSNBC, which is not liberal, I don’t care if they have a few hours of left leaning opinion shows at night. The rest of the network is becoming Fox News II. In many ways, Ratigan’s racism is much worse, since he couches it in populist rhetoric which is targeted at the less informed, which makes it very Fox Like if you ask me.

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The Modern Presidency Summed Up Clearly And Concisely

UPDATED With Transcript – Twitter Tip of the Hat to Black Water Dog of The Only Adult In The Room. This is one awesome clip, wow, she explains exactly what is going on and has been going on since President Obama was elected. This should be seen by everyone. Wow. That’s all I can say!

Update: Transcript available at CNN.

ZAKARIA: You think about leadership, what do you think about President Obama as a leader?

NOOYI: I think he’s a remarkable individual, but let me put this in context, Fareed. Just imagine that you are the CEO of a company. Just bear with me for a while, while I talk you through the story. Imagine you are the CEO of a company and your executive team, half want you to succeed, half want you to fail.

ZAKARIA: Republicans and Democrats.

NOOYI: Yes. And then imagine that your functional team, you can’t hire them without the approval of your executive team.

ZAKARIA: Half of whom want you to fail.

NOOYI: That’s exactly right. Also imagine that every word you say is debated in the public media every minute of the day. Also remember that your board of directors is a fragmented group who really cannot get together to fire the executive team if they don’t tow your line.

ZAKARIA: The American public.

NOOYI: That’s exactly right. That’s the environment in which the president of the United States is working today. It’s not as if the president is maintaining a successful country. The president is turning around a difficult situation. So all things considered, you’d say he’s doing a pretty good job.

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Joan Walsh’s Racist Twitter Problem – Digging Herself Out Of A Hole! (Updated)

I had every intention of writing a post about the budget deal that went down last night, but in scanning my favorite blogs, I came across this post from Angry Black Lady at her most excellent blog, if you don’t have it bookmarked, there is something wrong with you. :)

My opinion of Joan Walsh (Salon.com), up until now, has been pretty neutral, I don’t usually read her articles and mostly just see her on MSNBC. For the most part, she didn’t seem as anti-Obama as others in the “professional left” who have been and continue to make money on the backs of liberals. They haven’t all cashed in yet, like Arianna Huffington, give them time.

While reading through the twitter fight between ABL and Joan Walsh, it became very clear to me how she feels. You can judge for yourself. It also shed some light on why Glenn Greenwald could get away with calling us supporters of POTUS “Obama-lovers” with no repercussions. “Obama-lovers”…did you catch that? Here is the meat of the exchange on twitter that Joan Walsh is desperately trying to spin…

@joanwalsh read your article, I resent white progressives who pretend they are the base of Dem party and ignore AA’s, we are even

@joanwalsh PBO is not your lap dog, thank god Gibbs called out the liars in the progressive media, u have done nothing but act like baggers

@truthrose1 Not saying white progressives are THE base; opposite. But I resent African Americans who say THEY are THE BASE. Wrong.

@joanwalsh white progressive voices use the term “the base” carelessly that is my point

@joanwalsh AA’s are not the entire base, however, white progressive voices ignore us and act as if we don’t exist

@truthrose1 No, I don’t. That’s insanely unfair. Talk to a person, not your stereotypes. Please. Tiresome, really.

@joanwalsh history will show how the so called “progressive” wing of the Dem party was a toxic and deceitful bunch of back stabbers.

@truthrose1 You’re toxic, I’m sorry. Jesus. Get some help.


I’m addling a comment that just came in over at ABL’s site that I just loved.

Author: Kerry Reid
I generally agree, Ricky. But one thing I’ve found hilarious from the Firebagger set is that they can use the most vicious (and racist) invective against Obama — but if members of his administration should happen to dish it back even slightly, then they hit the fainting couches and clutch the pearls. It’s politics, kids. If you don’t have a Teflon ass, stay out of the kitchen. (Or mixed metaphors to that effect.)

I’m just awfully glad some of the Whiny White Professional Left set weren’t in charge of the civil rights movement or the women’s rights movement or gay rights or any of the other significant social movements of the last 50 years — movements that frequently found the participants and leaders taking nightsticks to the head, forced feedings, teargas, imprisonment, police dogs, firehoses, actual assassinations.

Apparently one needn’t use actual sticks and stones to break the bones of the Poutrage Set. Words are enough to crumple them into a whimpering pile in the corner.


Click on “More” to see a large portion of Joan Walsh’s quest to dig herself out of a hole.

Continue reading

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MSNBC – Your New Source For Racist Innuendo!

We all know that the “birthers” are really either consciously or subconsciously saying “he’s not one of us” or “he’s exotic” or “you’re not from around here, are ya?” or fill in the blanks. Why on earth would MSNBC want to spread racist innuendo and lies by putting Donald Trump on every goddamn show they run. No challenge, no fact checking….just Donald rambling on and on with lie after lie? Why would they do that unless they want to steal some racist viewers from Fox News? Once again, here is a link to the truth about our President’s birth.

My apologies to those of you who subscribe and are getting all these notices in your email about these short posts. In the words of Barney Fife “how do you fight fire? With fire, of course!” I decided that I’m going to use my humble little blog (but growing very quickly) as a platform to beat back the noise machine and the misinformation that permeates cable news. A side note, one of the first videos I ever produced after graduating from film school had Don Knotts in it, he gave us a couple of short sound bites for a United Way campaign video. One of the coolest experiences of my life.

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MSNBC – The Other Fox News!

I’m feeling inspired. I hope that Google picks up all these new slogans, maybe they will be shamed into actually doing a little journalism and presenting facts in the face of innuendo and outright lies.

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MSNBC – The Birther Network!

Here is a link to the truth, if you are interested.

April 7, 2011 Posted by | Media | 1 Comment

MSNBC – Pimping Lies To Increase Ratings!

Here is a link to the truth about President Obama’s birth certificate. Please throw it in the faces of the racist birthers.

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