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Shameless Begging!

I’ve resisted doing this since I started the blog because I’m not in this blogging thing for the money. But it would be cool to upgrade my wordpress.com account and add some cool features, so I am asking anyone who has extra money to throw a little in the pot, BUT ONLY IF YOU CAN REALLY AFFORD TO DO IT! I won’t beg very often but I will keep the donate tab on the right side of the screen until I no longer need donations…I’m still waiting for a rather large project to come through and if it does, the donate tab will disappear. You can click below or on the side bar, every little bit helps.

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Obvious Observations

There are several news stories and events that I have random thoughts on and I decided to throw them out there.

  • Am I the only one who is sickened by people who are upset that the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, didn’t die quick enough for them. I mean you can debate whether he ever should have been released and it should be investigated whether the BP connection really was there, but my god people, wishing someone to die quicker is pretty sick.
  • The miners trapped in Chile…I’ve heard people talk about the mental problems it will cause and whether they will be able to survive mentally. I immediately thought about prisoners who are put in solitary confinement and how that affects them mentally. I know we aren’t ever concerned about prisoners, people really have no compassion for prisoners whether they were busted for a joint or they murdered someone…they are all the same right, criminals. Until it is your nephew or niece, then they all of a sudden they become people. I think the miners are going to be just fine, now the prisoners I’m not so sure about. When they get released into society, then we can all see how that works out.
  • To all the people on the left who scream and yell about warrantless wiretapping of American citizens and internet privacy, have you ever heard of cookies (browser type cookies not chocolate chip)? How about spyware? I’ve heard and read several stories about how marketers know every little damn thing about us, target their ads to individual people and how there are massive databases on our every move we make. So if the marketers can know everything about us, what is the big deal with the government knowing the same info. At least their goals of protecting the public from terrorism is a noble goal, instead of a capitalistic one. And yes, I don’t like it when Republicans are in control but that is the price we pay for our democracy. I have a friend who was always paranoid about being watched and listened to by “the man” or big brother and I remember thinking to myself, what the hell do they want to spy on me for? They are wasting their damn time spying on me and since I’m not doing anything to be worried about, why worry about it?
  • Republicans lie without conscience. They actually just make shit up, with no basis in reality and then spread it around to purposely mislead their own followers. Do they really think it is healthy to lie to their mindless followers? I’m certainly no saint and have done my fair share of embellishing or covering my own ass, but I don’t ever remember just making shit up and then spreading it around. What kind of morals do these people really have that they can look themselves in the mirror and think, it’s OK to just make shit up to hurt other people and then realize…Oh no, I’m late for church.

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Internet Is Down Blues

It’s a mixed blesing not having Internet access with the exception of my iPhone. I dusted off a long shelved project and started making progress again. What is everyone else up to this weekend?

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Disgusted Open Thread!

I’m so disgusted by my own party and people who call themselves “progressives” that I’m tuning things out. I’m going “nah, nah, nah, nah” in my head. I have a long post about the Afghanistan War that I’ve been working on but am so disgusted that I’m ignoring it. I’ll finish it soon and put it up, but until then, enjoy this open thread where you can vent for me. HELP! I’ll just say that I was very impressed with General Patraeus, he isn’t your average, everyday military guy. But he is nuanced and hardly anybody in the media, including the progressive blogoshpere….does nuance. Fucking idiots.

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Traveling Man

I’ll be traveling for the next 3 days, heading to New York and New Jersey for a film festival…collecting an award and checking out The Daily Show. We have VIP passes that my brother scored. Should be fun. I have posts that will magically appear over the next 3 days, so check back. Staci has a great one coming too. Peace…

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Black Folks and Gay “Civil” Rights

(Guest blogger – Staci)

I’ve heard many anecdotes regarding the reluctance of the Black community to get behind the LGBT people and their fight for rights.  Generally, these supposed reasons are assumed to be based in religion and adherence to the scripture.  We’ve been chastised, ridiculed and even endured attempts at shame – to motivate movement towards their belief that gay rights equates to civil rights.  Here is the issue for me and many that I know.  To compare the challenges that gay people endure to the atrocities that Black people experienced, borders on insult.  Any possible compassion flies right out the window when someone is attempting to convince us that these are two concepts with a common basis.  How can they possibly be on the same plane? People who are gay have not experienced the systematic challenges that the black community faced for hundreds of years. How can one use the same argument when you self identify as gay, but one glance identifies ethnicity?  At what point in time was it punitive to teach a gay person to read or have that same person recognized as 3/5th of a person and in fact, to be referred to as cattle and/or property and sold as such?  How many families have been broken up and sold apart because of sexual identification?

I fully understand that there are some asshole folks out there that get their “fun” antagonizing people strictly due to sexual orientation, but generally, there is no risk of loss of life.  Conversely, there was a time in history where this same “fun” ended the life of a black person and instilled enough fear to make entire families pack up and move under the cloak of darkness.

To my friends in the gay community that are trying to change minds and hearts – maybe think about changing your methods.  Most people understand fair vs. unfair and can get behind it.  To say that not having the right to marry somebody of the same sex is the same as the rights to equal and fair housing, education or the rights to be treated as a human being, will only continue to alienate the support that may be gained with a different argument.

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We Should All Be So Kind!

A friend of mine sent me this today, it’s making the rounds. In an article by Nicholas Kristoff called What Could You Live Without, an incredible family sets an example for all. In our time of greed, selfishness and impatience it warms my heart to read of such an inspiring family.

Kevin Salwen, a writer and entrepreneur in Atlanta, was driving his 14-year-old daughter, Hannah, back from a sleepover in 2006. While waiting at a traffic light, they saw a black Mercedes coupe on one side and a homeless man begging for food on the other.

“Dad, if that man had a less nice car, that man there could have a meal,” Hannah protested. The light changed and they drove on, but Hannah was too young to be reasonable. She pestered her parents about inequity, insisting that she wanted to do something.

“What do you want to do?” her mom responded. “Sell our house?” Warning! Never suggest a grand gesture to an idealistic teenager. Hannah seized upon the idea of selling the luxurious family home and donating half the proceeds to charity, while using the other half to buy a more modest replacement home.

They actually did it and a lot more too. I often wonder why some people waste so much money on extravagant things and lifestyles. I was flipping around the channels the other morning and came across MTV’s Teen Cribs show. Wow, if only some of those extremely wealthy folks would just be a little more generous and less extravagant, things could be so much different in this world.

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Morning Joke Gives Helicopter Harold Free Air Time!

Helicopter Harold Ford Jr., the darling of the Morning Starbucks with Joe show, was just given a nice hunk of time to give his campaign pitch. He went unchallenged, defended the banks and apparently is going on Joe’s radio show later. Isn’t that sweet?

Earlier on the show, Scarborough somehow managed to segue from the Haiti disaster to one of his cherry picked polls showing Obama down, which I’ve been trying to find, but I noticed the fine print at the bottom that had a +/- of 4.8%, which is an awfully high margin of error and points to a sample of probably 400 people or so. I’m working on a post about polls and I’m going to go out on a limb and say things are looking good for democrats next year and in 2012, contrary to the spin the conservative media is trying desperately to sell.

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Haiti Before The Quake

Here are some photos of Haiti in better times. Taken by Catherine M D and found here.

If you can afford to, please help the American Red Cross.

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CNN Breaking News!

I can’t believe I just got a “Breaking News” email alert from CNN telling me that this is Simon Cowell’s last season on American Idol. So that’s breaking news, huh?

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The Sardonic Left

Arrgh Paine has an excellent post on his blog My Take, thanks to Bob Cesca for catching it. It talks about the split in the left that is pitting those who are pragmatic, realistic and wisely using the power that the democrats have – to try to get some changes in our country against the “pure” left who have unrealistic fantasies of what democrats can do in their current power structure. Here is a piece of his excellent concise post.

On one hand we have those who have been justifiably disappointed with the administration on a number of issues in what they thought would be a very progressive agenda. On the other hand we have a group that is justifiably upset at progressives who attack the administration in what they see as a scorched earth policy that will harm the agenda moving forward.

Both groups are correct and the intent of this post is not to convince anyone to abandon their belief or the passionate defense of that belief. The point of this post is to sow understanding. We need to debate the facts in good faith, not the fantasy we want to make those facts mean.

Personally, I look to motives of the people who spew the most venom towards the president. I wonder where that anger and irrational hatred comes from, the kind normally reserved for republicans.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

It sure is nice to have a democratic president and congress, I just have to say. They are working on a jobs bill that will actually create real jobs for people. I can only imagine what the republic party would offer up if they were in charge, tax cuts for the wealthiest I’m sure. From The Hill

Senate Democrats are crafting a job creation bill that would boost funding for small businesses, public services, infrastructure projects and energy efficiency programs.

An aide to Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Democrats are looking at proposals in those four main areas. But the aide said that senators have yet to finalize their specific proposals…

…They are considering new transit and highway spending and efforts to help stave off public employee layoffs, as well as a new tax credit for businesses hiring new workers and a program providing incentives for homeowners to retrofit their homes, according to a source off Capitol Hill.

Watch the republicans scream that there aren’t any tax cuts in it, although there are. But when they are targeted tax credits, they can’t end up in some CEO’s bonus.

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photo of the day

Shot by Extreme Liberal in the neighborhood

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Bumper Sticker Time

What If The Hokey Pokey Really Is What It’s All About?

I Child Proofed My Home But They Still Get In

Horn Broke Watch For Finger

Monica Lewinski’s Ex-boyfriend’s Wife For President

Well-Behaved Woman Seldom Make History

I Used Up My Sick Days So I Called In Dead

Please Do Not Honk I’m Dreaming

Nice Truck Sorry About Your Penis

You Looked Better On Facebook :(

Don’t Taze Me Bro

I Wonder If You Would Drive Any Better If That Phone Were Up Your Ass

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Is It Just Me?

I was listening to a podcast of Bill Maher’s Real Time the other day on the way to work and whenever the audience applauded, some idiot(s) would whistle in one of those loud, piercing whistles that penetrates your skull. STOP THIS People! It sucks ass. It happens at concerts, political speeches….all different sorts of events. What the hell are these people doing it for, do they just want to be noticed?

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