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Used with kind permission from Norbrook’s Blog

Commenting: I like it when people comment here, but a few things you should be aware of.  First, the comment policy has been set to “approval needed,” which means that before your first comment shows, I have to approve it. After that, it shouldn’t need moderation, unless something changes.   Second, keep it civil.  I don’t mind disagreement, or even “heat,” but name-calling, threats, and just being plain obnoxious will generally cause your comments to either never appear or to disappear.  Repeated offenses will mean that you won’t be allowed to post here at all.  That’s strictly my option, it’s my blog.  You can make your own rules on yours. I invite you to read the archives – I’ve been doing this blog for a while.

Stonekettle Station’s Commenting Rules (which I like)

DON’T BE A DICK. Don’t be a dick to me. Don’t be a dick to other commenters.   You can comment and you can disagree without being a jerk about it.  If you can’t act like an adult, then don’t comment.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  If you act like a dick, your comments will be deleted.  It’s really just that simple. He has a longer version here, go read it.

So basically, this is my blog and if I don’t want to include your comment, I won’t. I discovered long ago that many comments put up on blogs show up in search results on engines like Google. I will not be an outlet for Fox New or Republican or any other hateful perpetrator of propaganda. There are plenty of other sites that will allow you to do that, but mine isn’t one of them.

If you don’t like my comment policy and I delete your comments, I highly recommend WordPress as a platform for starting your own blog. But I suspect the people who get their comments deleted aren’t ambitious enough to do that.


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