Molly Ivins Debunks Marco Rubio From The Grave RE: 9/11 Blame!

This is the first of what I’m calling Extreme Tidbits. Short pieces on politics and I just like the word tidbits. :)

Watching Marco Rubio blame President Clinton for 9/11 in last nights Republican debate reminded me of a speech I saw by the late, great Molly Ivins, not long before her death.

She told a story about a conversation she had with President Clinton. How is that for a name drop? It was about the meeting President Clinton had with the incoming president George W. Bush on inauguration day. This is from memory, so don’t quote me. She told how Bill warned W. that he would spend a lot of his time worrying about this guy named Osama bin Laden. Bush’s response, according to Molly Ivins, was dismissive and went something like, no, Iraq is the real problem I will need to deal with.

The rest is history, isn’t it?