The Republican Lies That Killed Our Sons And Daughters And Created ISIL!

This is a great edit of the many, many lies that the Bush Administration told, with precision, to lead our grieving country into a disastrous, unnecessary war in Iraq. Now is a good time to remind everyone to vote for anything but a Republican, I vote for Democrats.


One thought on “The Republican Lies That Killed Our Sons And Daughters And Created ISIL!

  1. I vote for a third party period to keep the other two in check and a limit in spending for political campaigns where if you go against a certain amount it has to be from your own personal money not tax payers.

    All the BILLIONS money spent on political campaigns could help our infrastructure,roads,bridges,schools,energy.etc

    That’s right Billions with a capital B in it and that money is never seen again in the publics eye as America becomes more and more like a third world nation.

    How about taxing the hell out of Al Gore’s 5 mansions with computers and lights running day and night and who doesn’t observe Earth Day when he would be very cool if he lead the way on energy conserving by acting it then just telling others.

    His electric bill PER MONTH is larger then all of America’s electric bill combined!

    Of course he can do what he wants but it sure doesn’t make him look good! I would take him more seriously if he took himself more seriously!

    I have notice however that left wing blogs tend to allow more comments and are not as locked down as right wing or alternate news sites are.

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