Aaron Schock Compares Himself To Lincoln – A Rare Photo Proves It

In Aaron Schock’s final speech on the floor of the House, he compared himself to Abraham Lincoln…which should be a clue to what is wrong with the man. The hubris with which this guy operated, like many who get elected to office, both Democrats and Republicans, is just over the top. We’ve only begun to learn what this guy did, I’m sure there will be more that will come out as the investigation continues.

I dug deep into the archives and found this rare photo of Abraham Lincoln acting just like Aaron Schock. (Photoshop is fun for the whole family)



2 thoughts on “Aaron Schock Compares Himself To Lincoln – A Rare Photo Proves It

  1. Schock is truly a joke and epitomizes conservative values of innate entitlement to money MINUS work, but preaches it to everyone else. He is a ‘TAKER’ and thief.

  2. Here in Canuckistan, we had a clown like this Schock schnook. His name was Stockwell Day and he was a teabagger before there were teabaggers. He was a flat-taxer and a (figurative) Flat Earther. He believes Earth is 6,000 years old, that we lived with dinosaurs and that we’re all descended from Adam & Eve. That helped to explain his abortion stance; no abortions, not even in cases of rape or incest. He also thought people from Asia should be banned from attending university in Canada.

    He was also famous for thinking everyone loved him as much as he did. He regularly prattled on like Bill Clinton did at the 1988 convention. He relied on cheap props, stupid stunts and his flashy smile & joking personality. And here’s how he gave his 1st press conference as leader of a major Canadian political party. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/05/28/jean-chretien-wakeboard-video_n_3346200.html
    Yup, showed up on a damn jet-ski and gave a press conference in a wetsuit.

    In short, we was a total clown in every measurable way with no sense of shame or embarrassment. Yet he held various public offices for about 20 years. He was the leader of a major party for a while and was a national cabinet minister for 10 years….and is inexplicably still allowed on serious political TV shows.

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