John Oliver Talks Sense To Climate Change Skeptics

“You don’t need people’s opinions on a fact…”


3 thoughts on “John Oliver Talks Sense To Climate Change Skeptics

  1. “We’ve been repeatedly asked ‘Don’t you want to leave a better Earth for your grandchildren?’ and we’ve all collectively responded ‘Ah, fuck’em!'”

    This is one of those rarely mentioned Awful Truths. In a nutshell, we’ve ALL told the future to go fuck itself. All we care about is today’s short term gratification. The big picture is rigged to prevent change, but we refuse to change our individual behaviour. Even those of us who recognize the dangers of Climate Change have done virtually nothing to change our wasteful, glutinous, ways. We prefer to kid ourselves that we’re doing something by arguing with climate skeptics as Rome the Earth burns. We’ve collectively bet the future of mankind on some last minute technological miracle that will appear out of nowhere, cost next to nothing and will save us from ourselves without requiring any sacrifices.

    We all want the new iPad, even if it’s exactly the same as last year’s model…and we don’t care if it means not being able to grow enough food to feed ourselves in 10 years time. Perhaps we deserve extinction.

  2. After WWII, the population of our planet was but two billion. In only 69 years we are now reaching 7 billion. This translates in requiring more than 3 times food to be produced, 3 times more energy needed to cook, heat/cool buildings, and to transport the population. The need for more food means pouring on chemicals to fertilize over-farmed land and to control insects/weeds which end up polluting our streams and oceans. At least China has worked to control population growth but that nation gets a lot of criticism from religious folk elsewhere who don’t believe in birth control, family planning, but in fact encourage large families in order to grow their religious sects. In our nation we have millions of “end-timers” who believe that since the end of the world is coming soon (the so-called “rapture”) it is folly to try to save this planet, so go ahead and exploit our resources.

  3. Between Climate Change, diminishing resources, the hogging of said resources, the inequality of income, China & India’s desire to consume like we pigs in The West, the pressure of feeding an accelerating population…I don’t see how we can make through this century without a mass die-off.

    I figure over a billion people will die from something other than old age before this century is out. We may still increase the population by another few billion, but everyone’s share (except for the 1%) will shrink drastically. Those at the bottom of the global pecking order will be dropping down even faster than they’ve been doing.

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