2 thoughts on “President Obama’s Speech at the National Action Network Convention (2014)

  1. Really? come on, you have to have an ID for most everything, why not for one of the most important things an American will do? Here are 12 things you must have an ID for, Now I know for a fact (yup 100%) that every citizen above the age of 18 has used an ID for at least one of these, so… tell me who, that want’s to vote, can not because they do not have an ID? (1) Alcohol (2) Cigarettes (3) Apply for food stamps (4) Apply for welfare (5) Apply for Medicaid/Social Security (5) Apply for unemployment or a job (6) Get married (7) Apply for a fishing license (8) Blood donations (9) Purchase certain cold medicines (10) Pick up a prescription (11) Visit a casino (12) Purchase a gun. PLEASE PLEASE… find me someone that can not vote because they can not obtain an ID or have never used one.

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