Glenn Greenwald Is Either Really Dumb Or A Blatant Liar – Pick One Or Both! (Update)

glenn-greenwaldUpdated below!

I’m thankful that I don’t fall for Glenn Greenwald’s anti-American propaganda and have the patience to wait for the truth to come out. His latest bout of jumping up and down and screaming “look at me, look at me” as he spews his anti-American lies is one of his most egregious yet.

It turns out that whole appeal to European populist outrage over the NSA collecting “60 million calls in one month” in Spain and 70 million in France without their knowledge, was, well, not the case at all. The information was given to the NSA as part of a joint intelligence operation. The Los Angeles Times has the story…

WASHINGTON — Leaked U.S. documents appearing to show that the National Security Agency collected data on tens of millions of European phone records, an issue that has sparked outrage among U.S. allies, actually represented data handed over to the NSA by European intelligence services as part of joint operations, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

The claim refutes reports in leading French and Spanish newspapers suggesting that the NSA had vacuumed up French and Spanish telephone records without the knowledge of those governments. U.S. officials now say that the NSA didn’t collect the data — the intelligence services of those countries did.

As this crusade to rile up European anger against the U.S. has proceeded, I’ve been wondering when our government was going to push back with a little reality. I hope this is just the start of that push back.

Glenn Greenwald and his minions are using the secrecy behind our intelligence operations as cover. They know that in order to dispute the falsehoods and misreading of the Snowden documents, they would have to expose even more secret sources and methods. So Greenwald has been able to spin, lie and create conspiracies and paranoia with little refutation. It’s a nice little game they have going.

I think we can all agree now that Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden don’t really give a shit about America. In fact, they clearly have an agenda which is aimed at harming the U.S. both at home and abroad.

Update: JM Ashby over at has some more details from the Wall Street Journal story.

Hat Tip to Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs

8 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald Is Either Really Dumb Or A Blatant Liar – Pick One Or Both! (Update)

  1. Hmmm, so it sounds like the European leaders are taking advantage of the situation for a little anti-American posturing…which is always a popular sport over there anyway. Agreed that Edward Snowden is doing nothing but harming us.

  2. While you may be right, accepting the response of US officials involves giving credibility to people whose credibility is in question. If I shouldn’t accept Greenwald uncritically, why should I accept the word of US officials uncritically.

  3. I barely know anything about Glen Greenwald and don’t care to learn more. I suspect he’s a dick. However, Greenwald, Snowden, Manning, Assange, etc. have -whatever their faults- clumsily outed the American Security State. As such, they’re on the Most Wanted List and the public obediently performs a 2 Minute Hate whenever their faces appear. Yeah, they enjoy being Enemies of the US Empire just a little too much. But somebody needs to expose the awful truth of what’s going on. Unfortunately, the media is too busy discussing missing white girls and Real Housewives, so we’re stuck with them.

    The sad truth is that, no matter how desperately we try to deny it, we’re now living in Orwell’s 1984; complete with Newspeak, doublethink, torture, secret prisons, drones, spying on citizens, impenetrable secrecy, sketchy alliances and unending wars where the homeland is supposedly under constant threat. And, just as in 1984, few of the proles care. Most profess blind faith in Big Brother and figure everything will be fine because “they’re the Good Guys”. Anyone resisting or exposing anything to the contrary gets a trip to Room 101 for their thoughtcrimes.

    Unfortunately, folks on both the Left & Right have turned this into yet another pointless, partisan, dung-throwing competition. They spin what little information escapes the wall of silence between the government and the people they work for rule over in order to attack/defend Obama. This isn’t a Left-Right thing. It’s a Top-Bottom thing. It’s about power & control.

    As if Obama knows what the hell is really going on, anyway! For all intensive purposes, he gets information on a “need to know” basis and mostly in headline form. That’s part of the problem. The spying bureaucracy is so massive, so decentralized and so impenetrable, even the people supposedly in charge of it don’t have a full grasp. And those that do wouldn’t give up a single negative detail, even under severe torture. The entire system operates under the premise that the public must be kept in complete darkness, lest they start asking questions like “Why?”, “What good is that doing?”, “Is this ever going to end?”, “How much is this costing again?” and -above all- “Who made you God?”

    With regards to the latest revelations, it’s now undeniable America isn’t just spying on specific individuals or groups that might pose a threat to the US Empire, or even the populations of “enemy breeding ground” nations. The US is spying on the leaders, businesses and the entire populations of nations that are America’s closest friends and allies.(And it’s impossible to continue pretending Uncle Sam is treating his own citizens any better.) We’ve entered a paranoid, control-freak, dystopia where everyone is presumed guilty, even after proven innocent.

    I don’t mean to be a dick here, but it’s completely irrelevant who actually did the spying in these recent revelations. One way or another, the US has been spying on Angela Merkel’s private (ha-ha!) conversations because…uh…she’s such a dangerous radical out to destroy America! Actually, if the spying was done by Euro-spooks, that only makes matters worse because: A) It confirms everyone is violating everyone’s privacy. B) What did American spooks trade to get it? A copy of Obama’s REAL birth certificate? (kidding!) But what point is collecting such information other than to gain secret leverage over a “friend”?

    The bottom line is all this spying is just plain wrong! It’s no different than putting a hidden camera in the girl’s locker room and, quite frankly, it’s done by the same kind of people. You got guys declaring Jihad against America and actually doing something about it? Fine, harass them! Everybody else should be left the hell alone. But that would unemploy hundreds of thousands of voyeurs and result in the cancellation of thousand of lucrative contracts with private companies who employ guys like Snowden.

    As a fellow “extreme liberal”, I am opposed to the Military-Industrial-Spy Complex, no matter who is in office or who is condemning its abuses. To paraphrase Eisenhower, I believe that every tapped phone, every drone built, steals food stamps from the poor and buggers democracy. Just when did my opinions become “anti-American”?

  4. Hat tip to little green footballs– haha. I guess you really don’t have any qualms with someone that once supported the invasion of Iraq.

  5. Charles Johnson is doing great work and has been very up front about his past. Unlike a lot of people. And history shows that almost our entire country bought the con from Cheney & his thugs. Not me, I opposed both wars started under that regime. If I were to disown everyone who fell for the con, I’d be quite alone in this world.

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