Jon Stewart Shames The GOP AND The Media Over “Shutdown”

I watched this clip a little while ago and then turned to Chuck Todd’s show on MSNBC to see him doing exactly what Jon Stewart shamed the media about, false equivalences. Chuck Todd is the poster child for what is wrong with the media, he has helped to re-brand lying as “messaging”.

6 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Shames The GOP AND The Media Over “Shutdown”

  1. We need to call out the media. For a long time I was wondering if it was me that was calling the media liars , screaming at the tv.

    Send emails. Let them know they are tired of lazy journalism.

  2. I signed the Credo petition calling out Todd’s failure as a “journalist”. The petition read in part:

    Someone who just repeats what is said to him without placing it in context is called a stenographer, not a journalist.

    Given NBC News’ policy of not informing its viewers of the facts about the Affordable Care Act, it should come as no surprise that 70% of the American people don’t understand what the law does.

    Make no mistake, if Chuck Todd and his other colleagues at NBC News actually fact-checked all the lies that Republicans tell about the Affordable Care Act, that number would be much, much lower. NBC News must accept its culpability in Americans’ poor understanding of the law. If NBC’s job is to provide factual information to its viewers, it has totally failed the American people.

    Maybe Todd is hoping for a job at Faux News like Ron Henry, Greta Van Susteren, Bill Hemmer, Lou Dobbs, John Roberts, who all fled CNN.

    Just saw a poll taken in Colorado where 52% oppose the Affordable Care Act even though they have a choice between 18 PRIVATE insurance companies and 500 plans. Todd has said it isn’t his job to explain the programs, it’s the responsibility of the White House.

    CNBC polled two different groups, using “ObamaCare” for one and “Affordable Care Act” for the other. Forty-six percent of the group asked about “ObamaCare” opposed it. But only 37% of those asked about the health law opposed it. So reminding people of Obama makes a big difference possibly for those who hate our first black president.

  3. Viacom (a company that made billions last year without paying a dime of tax & a company that handed my phone records over to Big Brother without even being asked) has already used the law they bought to delete your video clip. Ain’t freedom great?

    I’m just old enough to remember when journalists practised actual journalism. Today, almost all of them are careerists who are terrified of upsetting anyone important…unless it’s such a ratings generator that their money hungry boss will reward them for the increased profits despite upsetting an apple cart. And those are the JOURNALISTS of the bunch! The shills outnumber them at least 20-1.

    The sad reality is that the news has been transformed into just another form of entertainment. A “cable news channel” is essentially an oxymoron. You have to sit through hours of shit-eating grins, self promoting hucksters, verbal Ultimate Fighters and a flotilla of entertainment devices (pointless scrolls, countdowns, theme music, tweet reading) just to get a sniff of some actual news. But, even then, it’s almost always WASHINGTON news. Only in war (cold or hot) do other nations get mentioned and, even then, only in cartoon-ish simplicity that centres on the “How this relates to the American Empire” way.

    It no longer has anything to do with informing the public. It’s an entertainment product crafted to meet the entertainment tastes of the specific target demographic, be they liberal, conservative or somewhere in between. It pretends to inform, but usually does the opposite.

    And the Internet is -on the whole- much worse.

  4. White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage said: “The president has said repeatedly that members of Congress don’t get to demand ransom for fulfilling their basic responsibilities to pass a budget and pay the nation’s bills.” Actually, the President’s statement is disingenuous because the President and Senate Democrats don’t get to demand Obamacare ransom for fulfilling their basic responsibilities to pass a budget and pay the nation’s bills, against the overwhelming expression against Obamacare of the American people they are pledged to serve.
    And, BTW, the American people has now experienced Obamacare and the exchanges, and overwhelmingly doesn’t like or want it.

  5. A Houston blogger explains “a WEBSITE IS NOT “OBAMACARE”. Just because the signup website buckled under the strain of immense interest, does not mean “The Affordable Care Act” isn’t working. And the Federal Exchange website wouldn’t have been so wildly overloaded had it not been for 26 states with either Republican governors or Republican controlled legislatures refusing to create a state Exchange, thus forcing half the country to use the Federal website. These same Republican states have refused expanding Medicaid meaning millions will be left without health insurance.”

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