Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” Speech


5 thoughts on “Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

  1. Dr. King’s message of non-violence came through that day in 1963. However, President Kennedy was kept “safe” in the White House watching the speeches on television. The government, expecting the worst, had arranged to have nearly 20,000 troops on standby and posted around the city should the day’s march get unruly. District of Columbia’s liquor stores were ordered to stay closed, an event that hadn’t occurred since Prohibition. Officials even rigged the audio system so that they could quickly cut off King’s microphone and switch to music if he were to say anything that might incite violence. None of these measures were necessary, however, as the day was entirely peaceful. Likewise, this year tens of thousands mostly black Americans gathered again, peacefully. Once again the false stereotype that assembled blacks are lawless savages was proven groundless. Was fear the reason that NO Republican politicians showed up today….not even ex-presidents? What a contrast to a century when the GOP was proud to call itself the “Party of Lincoln”. In fact without Republican votes and the bipartisanship efforts of House Leader Rep. Charles Halleck (R-IN) and Senate Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL), LBJ would never have overcome his Dixiecrat opposition. Only two Republican Senators did not vote for Civil Rights/Voting Rights legislation in 1964 and 1965, Texas Sen. John Tower and former Dixiecrat-turned-Republican, Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina.

  2. John McCain and Lindsey Graham just met with President Obama about Syria then walk outside the White House and hold a 20 minute speech for cable news cameras trashing President Obama and his Syria plan. Would Senators trash a white president on the White House lawn? Of course, McCain in his own mind is “president”.

  3. Would you be so kind as to add a source to your comment on McCain and Graham trashing the president grantinhouston? All the press I’ve read regarding the Syria situation has been that RINO senators McCain and Graham are pretty much in lockstep with the president regarding Syria.

  4. Well, I guess since you don’t have Google on your computer I will offer up my link, something I do MOST of the time and something Reich-wing trolls never bother to do (or at least from a credible source and not like a WorldNut Daily or Drudge Report). The two senators start out being complimentary to the President but then realizing that teabaggers in South Carolina might be listening, they begin to resort to talking about Obama’s “shamefull” neglect to arm the rebels and the President’s “debacle” of not getting involved in Syria a couple of years back at around 10 minutes in.

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