Edward Snowden Charged For NSA Leaks

From NBC News:

Federal prosecutors filed espionage charges against alleged National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, officials familiar with the process said. Authorities have also begun the process of getting Snowden back to the United States to stand trial.

The officials did not describe the charges in detail because they’ve been filed under seal in federal court in Alexandria, Va. The documents are not publicly available.

According to officials, charges accuse Snowden of violating federal espionage laws by sharing classified documents with people who were not cleared to receive them. Charges also accuse him of stealing government property.

If only someone had told Edward Snowden that books have been written about what the NSA does. It’s a damn shame to see him spend years in prison for such ignorance.

2 thoughts on “Edward Snowden Charged For NSA Leaks

  1. Run, Snowden, run. When government whistleblowers lose the support of even so-called “extreme liberals,” when the left turns its back on its own–on its principles–on its country–out of slavish deference to a man proving more and more every day to be Bush reincarnate: RUN.

  2. A. How can snowden get a fair trial by the US govt when the govt is the one
    who is also prosecuting him?? Try him in the world court. Let the world see
    all the evidence.
    B. Why are bush, cheney, and all of the LIARS who started two wars, killed
    and maimed hundreds of thousands of people, and stole a trillion dollars
    still walking free? Why are no politicians outraged and putting on phony
    anger about those criminals instead of snowden and manning? Could it be
    that those in govt do not want to be exposed as criminals they are? So,
    instead, they charge leakers and whistleblowers. What a country.

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