He Actually Said This – A Republican, He Is Not A Genius!

The CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp, Rex Tillerson, said this with a straight face.

“What good is it to save the planet if humanity suffers?” CEO Rex Tillerson said at the oil giant’s annual meeting Wednesday.

This statement should be used as a test on people to determine if their head is up their ass or not.

Oh, and with a quick search of Google, I confirmed that he is a Republican when I found this link that shows his donations.


4 thoughts on “He Actually Said This – A Republican, He Is Not A Genius!

  1. So many “endtimers” are in the GOP who think that since Jesus is coming soon to “rapture” them, there is no need to take care of the Earth since they will all be in heaven, soon. In the next century, we will have some pissed off people mad at our generation for using up most of the planet’s fossil fuels. We are burning them in record amounts when they have a better use in the manufacture of textiles, plastics, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, etc. Fossil fuels will be so expensive by then, due to its scarcity, that only the super rich will still be able to burn it in their vehicles.

    A leader of the Endtimes movement is Rev. Irvin Baxter of Indiana who travels the nation scaring the bejesus out of believers with his tales of Armageddon which he feels is soon coming. His is as much a political movement as religious. In 2000, Baxter held a big rally in Corpus Christi, TX where his brochures listed those who were “in league” with Satan and the anti-Christ. At the top of the list was Al Gore (nothing like a “non-profit endorsement of George W. Bush!). I wouldn’t have known about his rally if a student of mine hadn’t brought me a brochure.


    BTW, Granbury, Texas, where the rally was held featured in the link above, was half destroyed by a tornado last month only days before the Moore tornado so Granbury has had its misery eclipsed in the media. So in Wayne LaPierre’s logic, these devastated towns were all confronted by a “bad god” with a storm. Can’t help but notice that so many areas ravaged by storms are centers of evangelicalism like Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and the Deep South.

  2. Well, if the planet was destroyed, we would all suffer a lot less…what with us not being here anymore, and all that. Glad to hear that is his goal.

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